Kids book published

Rebecca Holloman

Rebecca Holloman has self published a children’s book, “Lake Tahoe + Four Cousins = Adventure.” The book features the illustrations of Terri Sopp Rae.

“This story came to me when I was travelling with my two youngest granddaughters,” Holloman said in a press release. “We didn’t have a book to read them at bedtime and so I would lay down with them and started telling them this story. I have told it so often that now they can tell it to me.

“Two years ago, I sat down at the computer and the story came pouring out of me. I put in landmarks around our cabin that all the granddaughters had seen, so this brought the story more alive for them. I also feel this is the legacy I want to leave for these four girls and perhaps someday they will be reading it to their children.”

Holloman has been a long-time visitor to the Tahoe Sierra from childhood trips to Lake Tahoe to throughout adulthood, until she decided to become a full-time resident.

“When I turned 70, I woke up one morning and said I want to live somewhere where I can see beauty the minute I wake up. I wanted to live at Lake Tahoe but convincing my husband was a challenge,” she said. He eventually changed his mind and the couple moved to the North Shore four years ago.

Holloman was plans to write two more books featuring the cousins in a winter adventure and a third featuring the cousin on a fishing boat on Lake Tahoe.

The book is available on Amazon.

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