Aug. 24 to 30, 2017 | Building community together

Signs of the 2017 winter season linger in the higher altitudes of the Tahoe Sierra including this snow cave on Carson Pass off the Pacific Crest Trail. Photography by Abe Blair | @abeblair

As our staff was preparing to send this issue to press, I took a stroll through Tahoe City reflecting on our slice of paradise in the Tahoe Sierra and the recent terrorist attacks both in the United States and abroad, and I was reminded of the choices that I made along my path in life that led me to Tahoe. Personal choices and career choices brought me to my current place in the world. When I’m frustrated, stressed and overworked, I remind myself of this amazing place where I live and the amazing people that have also chosen to make this place their home.

I’m surrounded by artists and designers, innovators and entrepreneurs, makers and creators, and social disruptors. People that work to live, that have passion in everything that they do and that embrace each day whole-heartedly. We share a common passion for the mountains that provide us a home, a living and fulfillment in our families, our friends, our communities and our social, economic and life choices.

Tahoe invites, welcomes and embraces all. It’s a melting pot of lifestyles, interests and ideas. I often joke that we’re all the oddballs in our families for choosing to live and work in Tahoe. It’s not easy. Actually, it’s downright hard to make a life in Tahoe. Good-paying jobs are few, housing options are even fewer. Everything costs more here. Many work several jobs. But we do it because we must; the mountains call to us and we must listen.

I think that our passion to make a life in the mountains, to build community together, to demand change, and to embrace the unique is what binds us to one another. Knowing that we all share a common passion for a better way of life gives me hope that we can teach this to others, as well.