Aug.17 to 23, 2017 | Once in a lifetime eclipse

Duncan Lee floats into a stunning summer sunset mountain biking on Tahoe’s North Shore.  Photography by Seth Lightcap |

I remember standing outside with my classmates during the last solar eclipse visible in the United States in 1979. I recall making pinhole projectors to be able to view the eclipses and the excitement surrounding the event.

On Aug. 21, we’ll all be treated to a solar eclipse that will be seen throughout North America. In the Tahoe Sierra, we’ll be able to see 83 percent of the eclipse reaching its peak locally at 10:20 a.m. This time, I’ll be spending it with my sister and my nephew, Anikin, who is extremely excited for the event. It coincides with our trip to Lava Beds National Monument (adding to the excitement), and we’ve ordered the ISO-approved eclipse glasses and we’ve saved cereal boxes to make our own pinhole projectors for the event. Visit to watch the video on how to make your own.

There are several local viewing events where you can enjoy the eclipse using special telescopes. For details on the events, see the feature “Solar eclipse to darken the sky” in this edition.

The next total solar eclipse in our part of the world will be on Aug. 12, 2045. Fortunately, the next time totality will be almost right over Lake Tahoe.


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