July 6 to 12, 2017 | Tackle Tahoe like a local

Drew Smith wake surfs on the waters of Lake Tahoe at Whiskey Cove on the West Shore. Photography by Rafal Bogowolski | RafalBogowolski.com

The gauntlet was thrown down.

More than a year ago, Kayla Anderson sat in my office and pitched me a story –she wanted to write a feature on doing two board sports, from two different seasons, in a single day. She wanted to snowboard and wakeboard in one day. We waited to see how conditions would develop throughout the season. Alas, 2016 was not the year to make it happen. The snow didn’t last long enough for a day of downhill during a warm summer day when the weather would also allow wakeboarding on Lake Tahoe.

Fast forward to April 2017 and Kayla threw down a new challenge to herself – to tackle five board sports in a single day. She was determined after the epic 2016-17 winter season to make it happen, and with Squaw Valley still turning lifts into July, the stars aligned.

Kayla recently accomplished her goal of five board sports in one day – wakeboarding, wakesurfing, snowboarding, paddleboarding and skateboarding all in one day for her feature in this edition, “Tackle Tahoe like a local: 5 sports in one day.” (After reading the story, Art Director Alyssa Ganong wanted to call it “One badass Tahoe chick.”)

Now, we’re passing the same challenge on to our readers. How many sports can you tackle in one day? Give it a try and post your photos (with a Tahoe Weekly cover) @TheTahoeWeekly #TahoeBucketList and you’ll be entered to win prizes.

Check out the details at TheTahoeWeekly.com and click on the Contest button.

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