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Skinney Dip | Mj Schaer

There is a place in South Lake Tahoe where the artwork ends right at the lake, giving artists and fine-art collectors inspiration. At this quaint artists’ space below the Genius Fine Art Gallery, Tahoe Art League publicity chairperson Scott Forrest will have his abstract mixed-media artwork on display during the 11th annual Artist Studio Tour from July 28 to 30 and Aug. 4 to 6.

Studio Art Tour
July 28-30 & Aug. 4-6 | 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily
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Forty-nine artists at 24 open studios will allow creators to chat, mingle and show off his or her specialties during this six-day event. This will be Forrest’s second time presenting at the tour and he says it’s an event not to miss.

Red Rose | Helen Maria Pata

“It’s not like an art fair, it’s really hands on. I’ve created some great relationships with people from this studio tour,” he says.

“This is an experience, take it in. You get to go to beautiful properties … and you have the opportunity to talk to the artists.” – Scott Forrest

While we are chatting on a balcony over the lake, a woman from Texas is flipping through a Salvador Dali book. She owns 24 pieces of original Dali art and a few of Forrest’s paintings. She met Forrest on last year’s tour and now spends more time in Lake Tahoe.

Rubicon Trail | Joey Cattone

“I was working at Kelly Cassidy’s home on the lake painting outside and had my easels set up. [The woman] walked up and said, ‘Stop! I want it just like that.’ At the time, she was battling cancer and came to Lake Tahoe to heal,” he says. “Now, a year later, she is cancer free.”

He was making a name for himself in the downtown Los Angeles impressionism art scene, but got tired of staring at concrete buildings and moved to South Lake Tahoe.

Scott Forrest

“I was driving by the Tahoe Art League and I pulled up and Sue Stevenson [a league member] was there. I saw all of this wonderful work. I went to a meeting where a local artist was giving a presentation and I joined immediately,” Forrest says.

Twisting Trees | Barbara Crawford

Forrest points out a painting of his that was bought on last year’s tour by an arms dealer in Virginia. The soft green colors with vibrant pink flower overlay exude a peaceful, soothing feel. “She bought this one because she says this makes her feel calm,” he adds.

Because many artists are showcasing their work, Forrest says it’s best to start the tour in the morning and take your time.

“I recommend going all six days with the passport program. There are 24 studios with about three artists per studio. You can win great prizes and art from getting your passport stamped at all of the locations,” he says. “Stop by the Art League itself, find out about the passport program, get a brochure and flip through it to see what speaks to you. It’s fun to grab some friends and do the tour by bicycle, but bring a car in case you want to buy anything.”

According to Forrest, “This is an experience, take it in. You get to go to beautiful properties. There are homes in the Tahoe Keys and you have the opportunity to talk to the artists.”

Scott Forrest’s studio is Studio 21. Some of his favorite artist include:

  • Kelly Smith Cassidy, Studio 18, will be giving live demonstrations at her lakefront studio. She welds pieces and then paints them.
  • David Foster, Studio 5, is a well-known sculptor who teaches at Lake Tahoe Community College. Most local artists have worked with him. He was a part of developing the college art department.
  • Cathryn Anne Powell, Studio 6, and Nina Major, Studio 7, always have a wonderful set up. Everybody will love the colors and get the feel of Tahoe.

For more information on the tour or the artists participating, visit talart.org.