Old Brockway Golf Course

Old Brockway Golf Course | 3rd Hole

Whether you’re looking for a challenge or just looking for a beautiful stroll in the woods, the historic Old Brockway Golf Course in Kings Beach has you covered. The owner of the Brockway Hotel commissioned the course in 1924 and enlisted the help of the premier golf course architect at the time, John Duncan Dunn, to help craft a course that would last through the ages. When you step foot on this course, it’s easy to feel the history. I think you’ll agree that the architect’s goal was certainly fulfilled.

9 holes | Par 36
Yardage | 2,012 to 3281
Slope | 113 to 131
Ratings | 66.9 to 70.6

Old Brockway was the first, full, 9-hole course in the region and it shows in the swathes of old-growth trees and old-world charm that is evident as you play this course. The course remains virtually unchanged from its construction and I can imagine that visitors to the region almost 100 years ago must have been struck by the same sense of natural beauty, as well as the designer’s ability to meld Old Brockway within the natural features of the area.

Old Brockway was the first, full, 9-hole course in the region and it shows in the swathes of old-growth trees and old-world charm that is evident as you play this course.

Given that I wasn’t alive in 1924, as I’m sure many of you were not either, I’m wondering if golfers back then were just better — or what. I ponder this as I stare down the narrow, tightening fairway of the long par 5, hole 4. Most modern courses just don’t go this narrow on their fairways. But, I’m sure that as I make the turn at the dogleg, it will offer relief in terms of a large, easy green, right? Wrong. The tiny, sharpshooter-esque green is tucked directly behind a small water feature in the front and ringed closely by trees all around. In short, this hole is as tough as it is beautiful — a great combination to find on any course.

Chatting with the owner before my round, he casually mentions that Old Brockway is rated by Golf Today as one of the Top 10 9-hole courses in the country — yes, in the entire country. As I weave my way from one gorgeous hole to the next, lost in the solitude that only Tahoe golf courses can give you, that ranking really makes sense. Given all of this and its close proximity to the lake, it’s easy to see why Old Brockway was not only the home of the first Crosby, but has also played host to at least three presidents: Eisenhower, Kennedy and Wilson.

As if all this wasn’t enough to make you give Old Brockway a try, and it really should be, just consider the fact that it’s the last family-owned-and-operated course in the region. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for supporting that kind of local tradition.

For more information or to book a tee time, visit oldbrockwaygolf.com.

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