June 29 to July 5, 2017 | 4th of July in Tahoe

Fireworks light up the sky over Lake Tahoe in Kings Beach on the North Shore during a July 3rd celebration. Tahoe hosts five fireworks celebrations during this year’s Independence Day festivities, including a July 3rd show in Kings Beach. See the feature in this issue. Photography by Silent A Photography | Courtesy NorthTahoeBusiness.org

Welcome, visitors from across the globe and down the street to our home in the Tahoe Sierra. Please, enjoy our hospitality, indulge in luxurious summer days on the beach, on the water and on the trails. Stay for dinner and a drink. Stroll through our shops. Please, be our guests.

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And, most of all, during this year’s Independence Day celebrations enjoy the five fireworks shows – yes, five –we have planned for your enjoyment.

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We welcome you to stay for the weekend, the summer or a lifetime. We want you to have fun and come again, and again, and again. And, as with any good guest, we’d love it if you could follow a few simple house rules. Pretty simple, really. And likely they are the same at your home:

  • Pack out the trash. From the beach, from the lake, from the sidewalk and from the trails. It harms our beautiful lakes and mountains, and the wildlife. Orange peels are not fare for wildlife.
  • Pack out the poop. Seriously. For yourself and your dog. We appreciate you bagging it, but please also carry it to a trash can. There are no magic elves in the woods picking those bags up at night.
  • Put all cigarettes out completely. And, stop flicking them out of car windows. This is wildfire country. That cigarette butt can have catastrophic consequences.
  • Use sunscreen and drink lots of water. You are now at 6,225’ feet above sea level. You burn faster closer to the sun. Wear a hat.
  • Wear a life jacket. Even if you think you’re an expert paddler, hypothermia can set in before you can get back on your board in these ice-cold conditions. Shock leads to heart attacks and drowning. Kids should always wear a life jacket in any conditions; it’s the law.
  • Check the weather. High wind and whitecaps on Lake Tahoe? Don’t go out. Period.
  • Stay out of the Truckee River. The rapids are too fast fed by snowmelt. When the rafting companies open, you’ll know the river is safe.
  • Don’t leave your dog in the car. Before you ignore this, go sit in your car for an hour, with the window cracked a bit, in the sun, in the middle of the day. Hot, isn’t it?
  • Have fun. Most of all, we hope you have the best time in Tahoe on your vacation.

Now, y’all come back and see us.

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