The Magic Beans grow on Tahoe

April 29 | 10 p.m. | Free
Crystal Bay Casino | Crystal Bay, Nev.

Self-confessed jam band The Magic Beans will be making a visit to Crystal Bay, Nev., to share their version of Colorado dance music.

“I know some people think it’s a dirty word, but I’d say we are a jam band,” says guitarist Scott Hachey. “Our music is multi-genre, but all based around danceable kind of stuff. We’ll get funky and stretch it out. We encourage people to get up and move.”

Hachey insists that while The Magic Beans are known to jam it out, they are also focused on songwriting.

“Our music is multi-genre, but all based around danceable kind of stuff. We’ll get funky and stretch it out. We encourage people to get up and move.”

-Scott Hachey

“I know a lot of people can get caught in all the jamming and getting after it,” says Hachey. “Our approach to songwriting is to write good songs that are unique. I try not to emulate other people too much. I feel like lots of bands will do what other bands before them have done. I try to write from the heart and write what’s natural to me, not over think it and just kind of write what’s natural and what comes in our heads. More than other jam bands, we like to play songs, songs that have message behind them with lyrics that you can take something from.”

Listen to “Five Points” to get a taste of what to expect at the CBC

The band is releasing a new self-produced EP this month that features livetronica, R & B, funk, classic jam-band songs. It’s called “Common Mind.”

“We cut it really fast,” says Hachey. “We’ve been touring pretty hard so it feels good for us to get into the studio and release another album.”

The Magic Beans met in Boulder, Colo., and have steadily grown their fan base over the past seven years.

“When we started out, we just played around Colorado,” says Hachey. “We were just younger dudes gigging around town and stuff, having fun. When we graduated [from college] we decided to do the music thing and it’s been pretty successful locally. Now we are trying to branch out and catch fire in some other places. For the past three years, we’ve been touring nationally. We’re kind of new to the Tahoe area so we are so looking forward to meeting more people out there.”

Hachey is grateful to be a part of a burgeoning Colorado Front Range music scene that has helped propel The Magic Beans onto the national stage.

“Colorado, being halfway between L.A. and New York, is a kind of cultural island of sorts because there is really nothing close to it,” says Hachey. “There’s a really vibrant music scene there and it’s really supportive. It’s not as cutthroat or competitive as other markets. You’re out playing shows every night with the guys and they are kind of like your co-workers. So we’ve been able to network and spread the music. We travel around and play the mountain towns and do well at [midsize theatres] like the Fox and Bluebird Theater. We’re hoping to make that jump to a Red Rocks opening slot next year.”

The Magic Beans will visit Tahoe in the middle of a six-week East Coast/West Coast tour. When I spoke with Hachey, he was looking forward to an upcoming visit to historic Nectars in Burlington, Vt., a spot forever engraved in jam-band legend for being the birthplace of Phish. Although it’s nothing more than a dingy bar and restaurant on Main Street, Nectars is a rite of passage for jam bands across the land.

“I was kind of star struck the first time we went there,” says Hachey. “It’s got a lot of history and I definitely follow all that lore. It’s very cool to be able to go and bring it to capacity. It’s a journey to make a career, so it’s cool to know that you could be on the right track playing those places.”

The Magic Beans will also be playing a show on April 28 at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Nevada City.

Sean McAlindin

Sean McAlindin is a writer, musician and educator based in Truckee. When he’s not drafting new story ideas, he can be found jamming with his Celtic bluegrass band, Lost Whiskey Engine, hiking for a local back-country powder stash or hanging out with his daughter, Penelope.