1 Day: 6 Tahoe resorts

Editor’s Note: Long-time Tahoe Weekly readers recently undertook the challenge to ski at six Tahoe ski resorts in a single day and shared their experience. Willie Osterman and his finance Carmel Dewies are Tahoma residents, and Matt Taylor is a resident of Tahoe Pines.

Matt Taylor, left, and Willie Osterman at the start of the six-resort challenge at Sugar Bowl.

Like many of the Tahoe Weekly fans, we look forward to reading about and planning fun adventures from your magazine. Carmel (Dewies) and I were having dinner with friends Matt and Nancy (Taylor) in late March and thought “Why not try to ski all 6 ski resorts on [Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows] and Homewood season tickets in one day?”

A plan was hatched.

We would need a large vehicle, provisions and a dedicated driver so we could stay booted up. Carmel volunteered to drive, so we set the date for April 2. We had a general idea on a route to follow.

Living near Homewood, we figured we would start our day at Sugar Bowl and end at Homewood hitting Squaw, Alpine, Diamond peak and Sierra-at-Tahoe in between. Matt and I were on the first chair at Sugar Bowl at 9 a.m. and loaded the final chair at Homewood at 3:56 p.m. (Matt said if we were late we would hike up!)

Willie Osterman, left, and Matt Taylor, left, at Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Of the 7-hour day, 5 hours were spent driving, 1 hour for manual ticketing and picnic lunch, and 1 hour of actual on ski time.

Along the way, we were treated to spectacular views of the transition from winter to spring, ran into lots of nice people, and had a truly unique day viewing Lake Tahoe from the tops of our iconic resorts.

Celebrating at Homewood at the end of the day with, from left, Matt Taylor, Carmel Dewies and Willie Osterman.

Lessons learned

  • A dedicated driver is key
  • Be flexible and adjust on the fly. Matt was running a mapping app to adjust our route along the way
  • Bring backup communications, aka walkie talkies, since lost cell service cost us 20 minutes at Alpine

By Willie Osterman