Haunted Summer · Haunting, ethereal and innovative 

Bridgette Moody and John Seasons met while each was playing in different bands. They eventually left the projects they were involved in to play music together. Apparently it was synchronicity. They fell in love and started making beautiful music. Neither realized that what they would create together, Haunted Summer, would change their trajectory and their lives.

Feb. 10 & 11 | 8:30 p.m.
Moody’s Bistro | Truckee

“We were making music for ourselves. We made some demos and people loved what we were creating and wanted to work with us. It was surreal,” said Seasons.

Moody concurs: “We wanted to write what came out of us. We were out to make music we were happy with.”

Both say initially they were writing for the love of music and for themselves. They never expected it to blow up and become what is has.

“The reaction to our music was overwhelming,” says Seasons. “People offered to back us and help us. It was a vindicating moment. We knew the choices we made were right for us and this was a career move.”

When asked about their sound, Moody says, “I think of it as a nostalgic sound. It can sound futuristic.”

“The way we write lyrics are like diary entries and the lyrics and writing are a big part of us,” Seasons says.

The couple shares in both the writing of their lyrics and composition of their music.

“We play music that takes you somewhere and transports you to another place,” says Moody.

“We strive to make music that is experimental. We throw out the rule book about traditional ways to play music,” says Seasons.

“We play music that takes you somewhere and transports you to another place.”
– Bridgette Moody

For instance, when they play with their guitar pedals, it’s not traditional. “We play how we feel. We are open to letting things be what they will be when we play live. That is the adventurous side of the band,” Seasons says.

The duo considers Highland Park, an historic neighborhood in Los Angeles, as their home base. It’s an eclectic, ethnic neighborhood with a hotbed of music and bars.

“We’ve done a lot of touring all over the country and throughout the West Coast, California, Oregon and Washington,” says Moody.

Haunted Summer is currently working on a new album entitled, “Spirit Guides,” which is due to be released this summer.

“The title track ‘Spirit Guides’ is about accepting the universe, looking at symbols and getting an answer to a question, that gets you centered and spiritual,” says Seasons. Moody adds, “It’s about accepting, living in truth and that is the best anyone can do. It’s about following the signs we see and being willing to accept your truth.”

When working in the studio, the couple plays most of the instruments on their recordings. They enlist a drummer and woodwind player to support them. Moody not only lends her evocative, outer worldly vocals to the band, but also plays guitar, synthesizer and keyboards. Seasons plays guitar. When performing live, they travel with a drummer, bassist, woodwind and string players.

Moody admits that when she is writing and playing, she drops into a zone. She loves that they have the space to be experimental and adventurous.

According to Seasons, their band members are vital. “They are our family. We are fortunate to have our friends play with us. There is a trust and friendship that enables us to let go more as a group.”

With a sound reminiscent to that of Enya and Loreena McKennitt, Moody and Seasons create music that takes the listener on a journey.

Haunted Summer will be performing at Moody’s Bistro Bar & Beats on Feb. 10 and 11.| moodysbistro.com.