Cooking pine nuts family tradition

Tahoe Weekly reader Sharon Porteous Vogelsang was inspired by Priya Hutner’s recent story on “Foraging for pine nuts” to share her family’s recipe for cooking pine nuts.
“I am writing in response to the recipe you had in a November issue on pine nuts. Both of my parents and grandparents were from Nevada, and we always had pine nuts as a treat around the holidays. However, we cooked them differently. I thought that your readers might like to try this, as the nuts turn out moist and salty,” wrote Vogelsang.
Pine nuts foraging season runs from September to mid-November. Hutner’s story and her recipe for roasting pine nuts are available at

Foraging for pine nuts

Pine Nuts
From the kitchen of Sharon Porteous Vogelsang

Pine Nuts
5T Salt

Fill a large skillet half way with water, add the nuts (no need to test for bad ones by floating, as I have found that many of those prove to be good) and salt them heavily; about 5 tablespoons.

Bring to a boil and simmer until the water evaporates, stirring and adding more salt now and then. Let cool, then enjoy.

Hint: To make clean-up easier on the pan and spoon, first coat with cooking oil to combat the resin. Also, if they are too salty for your taste, wash or rub off some of the salt when finished cooking.