Jan.12 to 25, 2017 | Welcome back, Winter

Jeremy Jones slashes into 2017 on a splitboard in the Mount Rose area overlooking Lake Tahoe. “Early season is my favorite time to shoot because we can ride powder on south- and east-facing slopes with great light,” notes photographer Ming Poon. | MingPoonPhotography.com @ming.t.poon

The Tahoe Basin has been pounded, and I do mean pounded, by successive winter storms that have brought every manner of winter weather in recent weeks.

Light, fluffy powder that you could blow in the wind like a dandelion. Heavy, wet Sierra Cement that packs down the base on the mountains that will last for months (and that will break your back trying to shovel). And that wintery mix of rain and snow in the lower elevations that isn’t that much fun, until you remember that just a bit higher in elevation (aka as most Tahoe resorts) it’s all snow, snow and more snow.

Feet upon feet of white gold has fallen on the mountain bringing our winter wonderland to life, followed by bluebird days over a white horizon that seems to never end. Tahoe is truly a winter wonderland. Explore and enjoy.