Eva Rose Lund

Eva Rose Lund recently published her first children’s book, “Hue and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” She wrote it while traveling in Baja California for two months with her family. The writing came quickly, but it took her three years to complete the illustrations. The results are worth the wait. It’s a fun story that will enchant children and adults alike. Oh, and by the way, Lund is a 15-year-old North Tahoe High School student.


She was born and raised in Tahoe. She says that she has always loved art and has become locally renowned for her face-painting skills, which she exhibits at birthday parties, the Tahoe City farmers’ market or wherever she is needed. According to her younger sister, Anja: “She is naturally good at every type of art.”

Eva Rose Lund does an impressive job of telling a simple story, while adding bits of subtle humor.

“Hue and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” is the story of Hue, a snail, and Ted, a keychain teddy bear, and their search for a blissful beach found in a place called, “Orona.” Lund does an impressive job of telling a simple story, while adding bits of subtle humor. For example, Ted has a birthmark that reads, “Made in China.”

The illustrations are simple, clear and loaded with charming colors.

“I came up with the snail character, Hue, first. I was just doodling as we drove,” she says. “Then I wrote the beginning of the story and read it to the family and my parents said, ‘This is funny, you should do this.’ They kept telling me it was a good idea.”

She later came to realize that the writing was the easy part.

121516-local_eva_coverimage“The story and the drawings were pretty simple, they shouldn’t have taken me so long. I was procrastinating,” she says with a grin.

Her mom, Bethany, says that Eva was naturally drawn to art. “When she was 18 months old, she drew a picture of a penguin that was amazing. We kind of knew then. She has the ability that needs encouragement, but she already knows how to do it. Eva has had very little art training. At this point, it will be really neat to see where she can go with it.”

Lund takes after her parents, who have a custom metal fabricating business and create mixed media art. Bethany has taught art and says her husband, Matt, is creative and talented, as well.

“We always wanted for [our children] to just do whatever they wanted, but always had a ton of art supplies in the house,” she says.

As a sophomore, college is still a way down the road for Eva, but she is focusing on the Vancouver Film School as one possibility. She likes cinema, makeup and special effects, and she is excited that the school has a flexible, extensive program. While she is not exactly sure what she wants to do with her life, she knows it will involve creating art.


“Hue and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” is a full-color, perfect-bound paperback available at lulu.com.

Tim Hauserman

Tim Hauserman wrote the official guidebook to the Tahoe Rim Trail, as well as “Monsters in the Woods: Backpacking with Children” and the children’s book “Gertrude’s Tahoe Adventures in Time.” Most of the year he writes on a variety of topics, but you will find him in the winter teaching cross-country skiing and running the Strider Gliders program at Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area. He has lived in Tahoe since he was a wee lad and loves to be outdoors road and mountain biking, hiking, paddleboarding, kayaking and cross-country skiing.