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Truckee resident Tina Lensing has published an adult coloring book, “Change Your Mood by Changing Your Color.” The book is designed as a coaching tool for women to learn to be more present, mindful and empowered. It’s a dream that became a reality for Lensing, who after 10 years in social work, much of it helping veterans, has recently opened her business: Tina Lensing, Life & Business Coach.


Lensing grew up on an organic dairy farm in a tiny town in Minnesota. Later she moved to Minneapolis and obtained a master’s degree in social work from the University of Minnesota. She worked for Veterans Affairs hospitals in Minneapolis, Fargo, N.D.; when her boyfriend got a job offer in Truckee, she transferred to the VA hospital in Reno. While she loved helping veterans, she recently took the plunge to open her own life coaching business.

“We get caught up in auto pilot doing things
because we have to do them. I want people to be
inspired to do them. To live a more passionate
and intentional life.”


“I needed to receive some life business coaching myself to do the inner work first, to overcome the financial-security fear of going out on my own,” Lensing says.

She learned about the law of attraction and focused on abundance and the week after she quit her job, three people called to hire her as a coach.

120116-local_tina-headshotLensing says that women can use “Change Your Mood by Changing Your Color” as a tool to fuel themselves to move forward. There are lessons, mantras and a journaling aspect to the book, as well as a call to color the illustrations created by Lensing. The goal she says is to let women explore their feelings while developing mindfulness and creativity. Each section ends with a playful exercise where Lensing encourages the reader to go out into nature and experience it with five senses, spend a day looking everyone in the eye or being truly open to receiving a compliment.

“I hope my clients learn how to be in the moment, mindful and present, have some fun and feel empowered to turn a negative mindset around into power,” she says.

She is marketing the book to those facing eating disorders and addictions or other mental health issues, but also to anybody looking for a healthy alternative in her life, who wants to grow and develop.

In addition to the book, Lensing has a passion for her next project helping women feel sexy and confident in their own body.

“I want to focus a lot of my attention on that because, in our culture at such an early age, we are taught not to love our bodies,” she says.

When Lensing was age 15 she was already 6 feet tall, which was something that everyone noticed and many people commented on.

“At a young age it was hard. We are focused on whatever the body part is that we are concerned about. I see so many women saying, ‘I feel I can’t get my baby weight off. I have cellulite.’ At every age, these conversations are contagious,” she says.

She says many women have closeted shame for the body. They will want to turn the lights out while having sex or not want to look in the mirror. She wants to help women love their bodies no matter what form they are in and be fine with showing themselves to others.

“I want to teach them how to rewrite their body image story. I want to have fun with my clients and make them feel good with their body,” she says. “My motto for all my coaching is working from the inside out. Rather than focusing on wanting to lose weight or finding a partner, shift your mindset to be more confident and be more empowered. Get a sense of certainty about yourself, then take that next step.”

Even though her primary targeted audience is women, she enjoys working with male clients, as well. Overall, her mission is to empower individuals to live with passion and take inspired action.

“We get caught up in auto pilot doing things because we have to do them. I want people to be inspired to do them. To live a more passionate and intentional life,” she says.


For more information, visit tinalensingcoaching.com

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