Kayaking under the light of the moon

The sun is setting. Waves are crashing over the bow of the kayak as Jani Osborne of Alpenglow Cleaners and I paddle out for a sunset, full moon kayak tour with the Tahoe Adventure Company. Before our adventure, we are given an orientation.

Kayak guide Tyler Post leads a group on a full moon tour.

Explore the Full Moon
Oct. 15 | Guided Full Moon Kayak

Tyler Post is our guide. He often guides for his sister Katie Hickey’s and brother-in-law Kevin Hickey’s company. Before setting out, Post and Richie Plainer, also guiding the tour, hand out our blue gear. Once suited up, Osborne and I look as if we are preparing to audition for the part of Oompa Loompas. Both men give the 30-plus participants an overview of the trip, a quick how-to-paddle lesson and a safety talk.

As the sky turns a little darker, a bit of the moon peeks over the mountains. The moon grows to an epic size and the moonbeams create a path of light that illuminates the lake. It is a spectacular sight to behold.

Osborne and I slip into the bright, canary-yellow kayak and head out onto the lake. It is a bit chilly as we take on the surf. Once we are out past the boats moored near the shore, Post rattles off Lake Tahoe facts (culling them from the Tahoe Weekly available in every issue): how deep the lake is, how long, how it was created? He offers historical tidbits, as well. Most of the clients are from out of town and are enthralled to learn about the lake.

Priya Hutner and Jani Osborne on a Full Moon Kayak Tour.

Post has us turn our boats west to watch the sun gently set over Northstar. We paddle a bit turning our boats toward the East Shore to wait for the full moon to rise. As the sky turns a little darker, a bit of the moon peeks over the mountains. The moon grows to an epic size and the moonbeams create a path of light that illuminates the lake. It is a spectacular sight to behold.

“I love to explore the outdoors with other people. It is rewarding, peaceful. Being on the lake is a place to think, experience nature and wildlife,” says Post, who is also a ski patroller at Squaw Valley and dean of students for Washoe County School District. “I love to share my home. When clients ask me what I do on my days off, I tell them I do this.”

Priya Hutner watching the sunset on Lake Tahoe.

For the last 14 years, the eco-friendly Tahoe Adventure Company has been using non-motorized crafts to tour and experience the beauty and magnificence of Lake Tahoe. The company offers all types nature adventures: sunset tours, full-moon paddles, a Thunderbird Lodge historic tour and stand-up paddleboard journeys. If land is more your thing, the outfit offers mountain-bike, climbing, hiking or backpacking adventures.

“Our mission is to provide people with a sense of space and an educational experience,” Katie says.

Enjoy the full moon over Lake Tahoe on a guided kayak tour.

The Hickeys worked as outdoor educators and guides for 20 years before opening their business. They also offer team-building excursions for corporations and groups and educational outings for students. The Hickeys say that they love to entertain clients year-round in the beautiful back yard called Tahoe.

Tahoe Adventure Company also offers guided Full Moon Snowshoe Tours starting in December. For more information, visit tahoeadventurecompany.com.