Stampede Dam dike to be raised

The Bureau of Reclamation is raising Stampede Dam, located on the Little Truckee River, approximately 10 miles northeast of Truckee. The dike structure will be raised by 11.5 feet to address dam safety concerns related to large flood events. In addition, two small dikes will be constructed near the south end of the reservoir to fill low-lying areas of the reservoir rim. The spillway crest structure will be reconstructed to limit outflows during large floods to the current spillway discharge capacity.

NW Construction Inc. began preliminary construction activities over the summer. Preliminary construction activities to be completed include: improvement and surfacing of the Dog Valley Road detour route (from Hobart Mills to the Stampede Boat Ramp turnoff); timber clearing; construction of two small dikes; and some miscellaneous work to prepare for the 2017 construction season. There will be no road closures in 2016, however some traffic control may be in place for safety purposes.


Photo simulation view of the downstream face of Stampede Dam showing the 11.5 foot high Mechanically Stabilized Earth crest raise

Beginning in April 2017, the eastern section of Dog Valley Road will be closed to allow for construction. Access to the reservoir will be available using the detour route. The Boat Ramp and Logger Campground will remain open during construction and the Emigrant Group Campground will be closed from April 2017 to October 2017.

The Web site will be revised periodically with updated information as the construction project progresses. |



Photo simulation view of the modified spillway crest structure at Stampede Dam