Gray’s Crossing

The Golf Club at Gray’s Crossing is a fun, challenging mountain course that will leave you feeling equal parts challenged, relaxed and fired up to play another round. Designed by Peter Jacobsen and Jim Hardy, this course reflects the fun, yet technical, approach to the game and course design for which these two have become famous. The course opened in July 2007, making it one of the newer additions to Truckee’s golf landscape.


18 holes | par 72
Yardage | 5,349 to 7,466
Ratings | 66.9 to 74.7
Slope | 121 to 143

The Golf Club is a long course and it plays that way. Despite the fact that the course sits right below the shadow of Mount Rose, you can’t let yourself get distracted by the natural beauty lest you find yourself in one of the many challenging bunkers. Oftentimes you’ll find yourself having to make the decision to either lay up in front of a set of bunkers or just “go for it” and aim for glory. As I’m sure many do, our group more often than not elected to just “go for it,” leaving us with plenty of opportunities to brave the deep sand traps and towering lips.


“Reflecting the designers’ penchant for utilizing
different tactics on the course, there are multiple par-4 holes
that can be considered reachable.”


Reflecting the designers’ penchant for utilizing different tactics on the course, there are multiple par-4 holes that can be considered reachable. One of these is the dramatic Hole 6. From the tee, you sit roughly 275 yards from the green, which might as well be located at the beach, given all the sand surrounding it. Most people will probably choose to lay it up before and chip over the sand. The gutsy move though, as we discovered, is to aim for a sloping hillside to the right of the green and try to roll it down to the pin — not a shot for the faint of heart, but a beauty to watch in action.

Adding to the complexity and challenge of the course are the fast greens. Let yourself get distracted once by the splendor of Mount Rose towering over you, and you’re liable to find your putt zipping past the hole and out of the realm of par.

All of this is perhaps making the Golf Club at Gray’s Crossing sound as if it’s some experts-only course and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite being extremely challenging, the course is definitely one that every golfer should try. Maybe just don’t go into your round expecting to set the course record the first time you play here.

Give them a call at (530) 550-5800 or visit to book a tee time.

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