Sept. 29 to Oct. 6 | Exploring Lake Tahoe’s depths

Luka Starmer explores the sunken barges in Emerald Bay Underwater State Park in Lake Tahoe. The photographs were taken as part of the Tahoe Clarity project to document lake clarity from underwater. Starmer shares his experiences diving in Lake Tahoe inside this edition “Beneath Big Blue: Diving to protect Lake Tahoe.” Photography by Dylan Silver |

I was sitting in our office staring at the framed cover of the first issue of the Tahoe Weekly – then called North Tahoe Week – and thinking about how the magazine has changed in its nearly 35 years of publishing. I’ve always liked the cover from that first issue published on Feb. 18, 1982, but always thought it a bit strange that the then owners decided to cut off the bottom of Lake Tahoe (you can view that first edition at

Fast forward to 2016 as the staff was preparing for this issue, and we were all excited by the amazing underwater photography of Dylan Silver from a dive in Emerald Bay that we’re featuring in this edition. One of the staff’s favorite tasks for each issue is choosing our covers, but it’s always a special treat for us to be able to do something for the first time, and an underwater photo of Lake Tahoe is no different.

Silver was joined by writer Luka Starmer on one of his more than two dozen dives he’s already performed this year (with another 100 dives planned for 2017). Silver is diving and photographing the lake as part of his Tahoe Clarity project documenting the changing nature of Lake Tahoe. Read more about their dive in “Beneath Big Blue.”