Aug. 11 to 17, 2016 | Free falling at 120 mph

The Tahoe Weekly’s Priya Hutner checks off one her bucket list items with Skydive Truckee Tahoe’s Rio “Drago” Mackey during a recent jump. Lake Tahoe’s North Shore can be seen in the background as the duo soars over Martis Valley, with the ski runs at Northstar California visible on the right. Read more of Priya’s adventure in “Free falling at 120 mph.” Photography by Mike Swanson |

Sometimes I envy the amazing writers that work for Tahoe Weekly and the adventures that they enjoy on assignment for the magazine from back country explorations to cruising the waters of the Tahoe Sierra, but I experienced no such envy when Priya Hutner asked if she could go skydiving with Skydive Truckee Tahoe for a cover story. I thought it was a fabulous idea and told her to go for it.

About a month later, I was sitting at a computer when she called me, “I just jumped out of a plane.” The excitement and adrenaline were palpable even as I sat at my desk in Tahoe City that day, and you can even feel it as you read her account of the experience in “Free falling at 120 mph.”

“My body vibrated. I felt like a thousand volts of electricity was coursing through my veins,” Priya recounts of her jump.

Nearly everyone I know that lives or has visited Tahoe has been enjoying the hundreds of miles of mountain biking and hiking trails that stretch throughout the Tahoe Sierra. And, I’ve heard a large percentage of them comment on some of the same issues that I’ve experienced on trails this summer – hikers ill prepared for mountain treks (wearing flip flops and carrying no food or water), granola bar wrappers and toilet paper strewn along trails, and hikers and mountain bikers crushing vulnerable flora and fauna as they ignore switchbacks to blaze their own trails.

So, knowing that mountain trails may be a new experience for some, I asked Tim Hauserman to pen a story on back country preparedness and etiquette, mixed with a dash of his well-known wit and sarcasm as a primer on how to best enjoy the Tahoe Sierra. Tim shares his tips in this issue in “Be kind to the back country.” Please use his tips to make the most of your time in Tahoe, and remember to treat Mother Nature kindly.