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The Wanderlust Festival offers an opportunity to dip your toes into the many flowing waters of traditional practice from basics to esoteric to newer incarnations of yoga. For some, yoga is a means of exercise while others want to experience the depth of where yoga can take the practitioner.


“I teach the practice of learning how to surrender to love.
Intimate relationships are about embodying what it means
to be present and show up for love. We need to love ourselves
first and accept our flaws in our self.” -Bryan Reeves


Traditional yoga like Hatha yoga offers the basics of practice while Iyengar yoga offers a more precision-based alignment and Ashtanga is a more powerful yoga practice, and they can all be found at Wanderlust. Acroyoga, asana with electronica and variations of modern twists on yoga that have evolved are also available.

Intimidated? Don’t be. There is something to be said about trying something unique that might stretch your yogic chops at Wanderlust being held from July 14 to 17. Consider Kundalini Yoga, known as the yoga of awareness, or delve into an introduction to Tantra, the practice of deepening consciousness through channeling divine feminine energy with complete presence, both practices incorporate physical asana, breathing techniques, meditation and mantra.


Building healthy relationships

Bryan Reeves is a relationship coach and author that focuses on sexuality and intimacy issues in relationships. A former Air Force Captain he was unhappy with his life. He gave his things away and went on a walkabout into the world. It was during that journey he had an awakening of sorts and went from military soldier to spiritual warrior.


“There is a culture of checked out men who haven’t had good role models for their masculinity. My own father was checked out. Often we wonder into adulthood without any guidance. There are generations of men that are lost,” explains Reeves.

“We have no boyhood to manhood rituals like many indigenous cultures do,” says Reeves. He says that there are three stages in the evolution of love and most men get stuck in stage one which creates an imbalance of masculine and feminine energies. Reeves understands that men with unresolved mother issues, Peter Pan Syndrome and the inability to commit to a deeper level of intimacy are indicators that we as a culture need to wake up in this arena.

“Most men don’t know how to show up for women. They live in a fog of confusion,” says Reeves, who offers a map for both sexes to lead healthier more fulfilling relationships.

“Women are more connected to their feeling heart but they suffer more overtly. What I’ve learned through my own life journey is to wake up to my highest masculine purpose, to serve love. The feminine energy is that love that cuts through and radiates love. There is a need for feminine quality in leadership at this time,” says Reeves.

“All of us have a heart dying to know how to love. I teach the practice of learning how to surrender to love. Intimate relationships are about embodying what it means to be present and show up for love. We need to love ourselves first and accept our flaws in our self,” he explains.

Reeves will offer a workshop entitled, “Love, Sex and Magic Making in Relationships.” He will teach about masculine and feminine dynamics and how awareness can transform intimate relationships. “Being your most authentic self, speaking and living your deepest truth is the key to creating the profound intimacy your deepest heart desires,” says Reeves. “My ultimate desire is to help us remember we are partners not adversaries, and look at how do we really love and have intimate relationships,” he adds.


Wake up and be aware

Gurumukh Khalsa is world-renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher. She’s been teaching yoga for almost a half of a century. Kundalini Yoga embodies the practice of white Tantra. For her it is a way to live, to makes sense and have a purpose in life. When it comes to yoga she says, “If have to do the practice, you can’t just talk about it, you have to do the work.”


Her teacher Yogi Bhajan never taught anything twice, explains Khalsa. This enables her to teach new material that is fresh and relevant. “I never know what I am going to say when I teach.” She says. “When you raise kundalini, a gradual awakening occurs. Kundalini Yoga is like a recipe for awakening, it raises kundalini energy. When you come into consciousness you know it right away and you want to get back to it. It is a place of peace and happiness,” says Khalsa.

Khalsa rises before the sun comes up, thanks god, works hard and practices yoga and meditation daily. Her recipe is, “Be committed, be self-disciplined, serve other people and do the practice. When we feel disconnected it is really painful. I take responsibility in my life to be connected.” Khalsa will teach three Kundalini Yoga classes during the event.


Embodying yoga with presence

Dawn Cartwright is a tantric visionary, sacred writer, world traveler and innovator in bio-energetic Tantra fusion, and works with people on a deep level exploring how they can be more connected and aware. Cartwright is offering a Tantric Speakeasy talk, “The True Potential of Sex: Sex Actualization.”


Tantra is a direct experience of the ultimate oneness through life experience. “Tantra is an experiential. It’s about living and embodying the practice,” Cartwright explains. “It pushes us to get out of our comfort zone. It’s a process in which we learn to truly be ourselves, to be who we are. It’s about opening to that trust.” It was during a mystical sexual experience more than 20 years ago that hooked her to the soul and cracked her heart open and led her on her journey teaching, she says.

There are many tantric paths, Cartwright teaches red Tantra, which the Tantra of sexual practice. She helps both men and women, young and old, explore each other through what she terms pleasure mapping. “It is accessible to everyone. The tantric path offers permission to be fully open. It’s true sexuality from within,” she says.

Breathing, exercises, visualization are part of her tantric teachings and practice but Cartwright imparts esoteric tantric teachings and takes them to a new level with a practical understanding for a mainstream world.

Wanderlust is a festival with a multitude of choices. It’s a four-day exploration of yoga, meditation and spirituality offered by leading teachers, as well as some of Tahoe’s own yoga teachers. In addition, there will be outdoor adventures, music, food and connection.

For more information, visit wanderlust.com/festivals/squaw-valley.

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