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Nevada County Arts Council presents A TOAST to Truckee’s Creative Community, the second annual Truckee Open Art Studios Tour from July 22 to 24. During the event, art aficionados can check out and purchase the works of 29 artists between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day. Art media will include painting, woodworking, mixed-media, photography, glass, pottery and textiles. It’s an excellent opportunity to not only see great art, but to get to meet the artists where they create their masterpieces.


Download a free copy of the guidebook to A Toast to Truckee’s Creative Community


Jude Bischoff

“We have really good artists on the tour. I was able to attract Truckee’s best,” says event organizer Carla Beebe.

The mission of the tour is simple: to promote the sale of fine art and recognize Truckee as not only a recreational destination, but a cultural destination, as well.


“New, open art studio tours are cropping up across
the country and are fast becoming a favorite travel genre,
while equally attracting local residents
and second homeowners.” -Carla Beebe


“New, open art studio tours are cropping up across the country and are fast becoming a favorite travel genre, while equally attracting local residents and second homeowners. Demonstrations and artistic dialog are two very important aspects of a studio tour that provide behind-the-scenes access visitors won’t otherwise get,” Beebe says.

Artist Sara L. Smith will be showing in her studio and teaching several art workshops.

“For me, this event ties into my beliefs about supporting the arts in the community. I’ve done a fair amount of research into the economics of art and discovered that when you support artists, it can be transforming for a community in many ways. Every dollar you invest comes back exponentially,” said Smith.

Smith says that she feels that the more art, music and theater is in the community, the richer life will be for both the visitors and the residents.


Randy Blasquez

“I think with this event happening in the high tourist season, it allows the normal tourist base to see what is available here. We have incredibly talented people.”

Beebe concurs, “Last year the artists on tour sold over $95,000 in art sales. They were excited.” Both Beebe and Smith emphasize that for artists to be a part of our community, people need to purchase their art, so they can earn a living and afford to continue keep Truckee their home.

Nathan Riedel and Greg Boyle of Engel & Völkers Truckee are sponsors of the event. In addition to tours, July brings a series of artists’ workshops, a gallery and museum tour and an artists’ reception.


Nancy Beckert

To experience the self-guided tour, pick up a copy of the Open Art Studios Tour Guidebook, which can be found in more than 20 places in Truckee including Bespoke, Carmel Gallery, the California Welcome Center, Indigo and The Bolam Gallery.

The guide provides information on each artist, his or her medium of expression and location. Many of the artists in the downtown area are within walking distance of each other. In the Glenshire area, several shared spaces allow you to visit three or four different artists in the same studio — certainly making the drive or the bike ride along the Legacy Trail worth the while.


Abe Blair

To make it user-friendly and spontaneous (if you haven’t yet picked up the guidebook), there will also be bright orange signs directing sightseers to the many studios.

So stroll it alone. Take a friend. Take a bunch of friends. Look and ask questions. Enjoy art and take something home that strikes your fancy. Now you will know where you can go to get that perfect painting for your living room wall, that quirky bird house for the front yard or that unique pottery for the mantelpiece.

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Northern Lights
July 22 | The Painted Vine

Open Art Studios Tour
July 22-24 | 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. daily

Chillin’ on the Tahoe Dock
July 23 | The Painted Vine

Paint Your Pet
July 24 | The Painted Vine

Mixed Media with Carole Sesko
July 27 | Atelier

Watercolor Wine Down with Eva Nichols
July 28 | 5-8 p.m. | The Painted Vine

Gallery & Museum Tour
July 30 | 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Abstract Canvas with Casey Sibley
July 30 | Atelier

Painting with Coffee as a Medium
July 30 | 9-10:30 a.m. | Coffeebar

Introduction to Marquetry with Tom Beebe
July 30 & 31 | 1-5 p.m.