Unz Unz Ski Bunzz · Après ski with Yentalbeats

Many of us have been touched by cancer and its devastating effects. Katie Schou, president of Send It Foundation, and Mark Björnson, owner of Brown Chicken Log Works and Magnus Events, both have lost someone dear to them.

The Send It Foundation brings people living with cancer to the Tahoe area to ski, practice yoga and play in the mountains. In order to do this, the organization raises funds for people to have an all-expenses-paid experience. Their latest fundraiser with Magnus Events is Unz Unz Ski Bunzz  featuring DJ Yentalbeats at Cornice Cantina in the Village at Squaw Valley on April 9 from 3 to 8 p.m.


“I want to take people on a journey and tell a story. I’m inspired and feel like
any chance I can do something positive and take people out
of their element, get them to dance and see them smile
means the world to me.”


Björnson and Schou first heard DJ Yentalbeats on the Playa at Burning Man. It was their mutual love of electronic music that gave them the idea to bring Yentalbeats to Tahoe.

“We wanted to create a fun après-ski party with great music and great friends. The event will be held outside on the deck at Cornice Cantina with drink specials and raffles for great prizes,” explains Schou.

New York City native Russ John Gold, aka Yentalbeats, said that he is honored and excited to come to Tahoe and DJ for such an important cause.

“Cancer is a universal disease. It shows us we are the same and it doesn’t discriminate,” explains Gold, who has a friend currently battling colon cancer.

Gold, a veteran of the DJ scene for the last 20 years, has been honing his craft since he started playing music. With an impressive resume, he has been a DJ at some of the biggest nightclubs in New York City. Gold’s career started in the 90s during the era of turntables, hip-hop and beat juggling.

“DJ was a real art form back then,” he says.

This self-taught DJ played at Tunnel Nightclub; he quickly became the resident DJ on Saturday nights until the club closed in 2002.

“I was at the right place at the right time. I played Limelight on Fridays and Tunnel on Saturdays,” he explains.

Gold says that he came from a broken home.

“I have a lovely mother but had to learn to take care of myself at an early age. I was given a chance to DJ and I’ve never take that for granted,” he explains. Gold pays it forward by giving other DJs the opportunity to play events that he hosts.

“At this point in my career, I want my gigs to be worthwhile. I’ve played some of the biggest clubs in New York. Now when I play a show, they need to have meaning for me,” explains Gold.

He recently was DJ at a wedding in Brooklyn after the couple became engaged during one of his sets at Burning Man.

“It filled my heart,” he said. “I just want to spread love.” He continues that Burning Man has been a tremendous influence for him.

“I love the West Coast and the people out there are some of the most amazing people I’ve met in my life,” says Gold.

Gold leans toward Techno and Deep House. Jim Morrison is one of his idols and can be heard on a number of his mixes. One of his favorite mixes is: “If We Would Have Landed.”

“I like to perform while I play. I go all out when I DJ. I want to take people on a journey and tell a story. I’m inspired and feel like any chance I can do something positive and take people out of their element, get them to dance and see them smile means the world to me,” says Gold.

Currently, he is curating a new project in the East Village called KLASH. The venue is a home in which artists, designers and musicians can shine. Gold and his wife, Delicia Glam, a fashion designer, are partners in the venture with a number of other artists and friends.

At the après-ski party, Björnson, aka Chicken, who has been creating art cars for special events, such as Burning Man, will roll out his latest creation, “Magnus,” in the shape of a giant tape deck.

Expect DJ Yentalbeats to be spinning his mixes from atop “Magnus.” Ski during the day, dance the afternoon away and support people who are battling cancer.

Tickets may be purchased at senditfoundation.org.

April 9 | 3-8 p.m.
$32.64 advance | $37.92 at the door
Cornice Cantina | Olympic Valley