March music madness in Crystal Bay | Pimps of Joytime & Funk Hunters

Do you want to dance under the moonlight? March offers massive music madness when the Crystal Bay Casino and the Tahoe Biltmore serve up some funk, electronica and 80s outrage. Hitting Crystal Bay are the Pimps of Joytime at the Crystal Bay Casino on March 18 and Tainted Love on March 19, while Funk Hunters and The Emancipators perform at the Tahoe Biltmore on March 19.


Pimps of Joytime w/Big Sam’s Funk Nation
After party with Sneaky Creatures
March 18 | 9 p.m.
$20 advance | $23 at the door | $40 booth
Crystal Bay Casino | Crystal Bay, Nev.

Funk Hunters w/The Emancipators
March 19 | 9:30 p.m. | 21+
$25 advance | $30 at the door
Tahoe Biltmore | Crystal Bay, Nev.

The Pimps of Joytime are renowned for their energetic contagious sets. Brian J., lead vocalist and guitar player for Pimps of Joytime describes their sound as “Groove-infused gumbo with elements of soul, blues, rock and electronic music.”

The band draws from New Orleans funk, 90s club house, 60s salsa and hip-hop and are all evident in their new LP, “Jukestone Paradise.”

“The band has a good chemistry and is locked in together,” J. explains. Band members include bass player David Bailis, drummer John Staten and Mayteana Morales and Kim Dawson, vocals and percussion.


“This might be one of those weekends
to consider renting a room at the Bilty
and dancing into the wee hours.”


“We design our sets to generate energy. It’s dance music infused with excitement. We like to keep it interesting. We create a vibe and musical ambience so people can find their vibe. It’s a groove thing we do together,” said J. of their performances. Referred to as a band that makes you sweat, J. explains that they are high energy and dance-y. J. explains that he pulls much of his inspiration from his relationship to music.

“There is a resonance and connection I have with music. When I hear something or am quiet for part of the day, it helps me embrace the musical energy. Music has basically sculpted my world view and perception of humanity,” he muses.

Bailis is passionate about fitness and healthy eating. When the band is touring he helps the group maintain a healthy lifestyle, which can be difficult when travelling. He writes a blog called “Tour Organic” where he writes about healthy places to eat on the road.

Brian J.’s latest endeavor is a Web series on YouTube called “Jamming with J.” He hosts musical guests and plays music with them that is both moving and unique. Some of the jams are held in his Brooklyn apartment while other jams sessions are filmed on the road.

If you are looking for advice when starting out in the industry J. offers this, “First create something that’s really great, rather than look for a record deal or booking agents, build a following and get your own thing going and get noticed.”

Pimps are no strangers to Tahoe and with a new release under their belt, Brian J. says the group is already on the final touches of their next record. They plan to play a few new tunes during their upcoming show. The band is having fun working and creating their unique and infectious sound. For Tahoe they J. says, “We’ll do our own thing and come and rip it.”


Mark Brennan

Funk Hunters bring future soul
Duncan “Dunk” Smith and Nick Middleton are two DJs from Vancouver, Canada, that make up the Funk Hunters. Touring for the last eight years, the DJs started out playing house parties, moved to clubs, then produced their own gigs and eventually the duo took the show on the road and now tour the world. Just off their biggest tour to date, the Funk Hunters played 26 shows in five weeks over five countries, touring with Mr. Chali 2na, one of the founding members of Jurassic Five.

Fresh Bakin and Rambo Productions host an electronic party when they present The Funk Hunters along with The Emancipators on March 19 at Tahoe Biltmore. The Funk Hunters bring their unique, funky, electronic sound that embraces musical styles of old classic rock, golden era hip-hop and what Smith calls future soul.

“Future soul is a well-produced, almost chillin’, type music that still rocks the dance floor,” describes Smith.

“We enjoy people and spreading good vibes. Our music is funky, fun and varied. We play music we love and yet are original and unique.”
Their shows close to home often include live musicians and custom light effects. They play genre parties and lots of electronic music.

“As electronic music blew up, people wanted quality, soulful music with good production,” says Smith. “I love all types of music. Our goal is to make people want to dance and have a good time.”

Always keeping it real, the Funk Hunters are inspired by their network of friends doing similar things.

“People we work with, that we look up to and now headline with inspire us. When they rise, we rise. Collaborating solidifies that you’re on the right path,” explains Smith. “Working with others cooperatively is the way to go. We hold each other up and take care of each other.”

“As you grow as an artist you can begin to do your own thing,” says Smith.

The Funk Hunters realized some of this when they played 12 sets in four days at Burning Man in 2014.

“We got to do whatever we wanted. We played as many sets as we could and had a lot of fun,” says Smith, who adds that he can’t wait to get back to Burning Man.

“We plan to bring the funk to Tahoe. We love the area. We’re playing with the Emancipators. I love these guys and have a great time playing with them. We’ll get down and rock and roll around,” Smith says.

Tainted Love hits the CBC on March 19, as well, adding their 80s outrage to the area.

This might be one of those weekends to consider renting a room at the Bilty and dancing into the wee hours.

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