Burning Man: 199 days & counting

Ticket information released, finally
As of this issue’s publication date, Burning Man is 199 days away. By January, tickets have usually already sold out, but this year the date to purchase tickets was slow to come as the Burning Man organization is still trying navigate a dispute with the state of Nevada over an entertainment tax that they plan to impose on the event.

Priya Hutner

For many Burning Man is, was and will be a transformative experience. There is nothing like it in the world. A city that arises from nothing in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, where awe-inspiring art stretches the bounds of imagination and touches the deepest part of the soul, where innovations in technology blow the mind and challenge the perceptions of reality and the music takes you on a journey that creates a never-ending dance.


“Burning Man is an amazing experience, but it takes an enormous amount
of effort and work to prepare for and the festival is held in a place where
the harshestof conditions can occur.It is not for the faint of heart.”


The creativity of this world is expansive, from the gifts that are offered, to the costumes and clothing people wear to express themselves, to the themed camps that provide almost anything you need, want or desire. The Playa is a place that breaks the mind, social norms and enables the participants to explore who they are in a way they might not be able to do so in the default world. If you’re lucky, the experience might even expand your consciousness and awareness to effect change for the greater good.

On Feb. 3, Burning Man announced the schedule for sale of tickets for 2016. The Web site offers information about the process, which is a lottery. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Burning Man will be held in the Black Rock desert from Aug. 28 to Sept. 5.

If you’ve never been to Burning Man before, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself to purchase tickets. The first thing is to sign up for the newsletter Jack Rabbit Speaks at burningman.org/culture/stories/jrs/. Jack Rabbit is the voice of the Burning Man Organization. Next, create your Burner Profile; do this before tickets go on sale. Once this is done, create a Ticketfly account. Then register for the individual sale, this does not mean you get a ticket, this is only a registration. Registration begins on March 16 at noon. Tickets will go on sale March 23.

“Keeping prices stable for most participants is especially important this year in light of the Live Entertainment Tax. We haven’t yet received a response from the Nevada Department of Taxation to our inquiry,” Burning Man organizers have posted on its Web site. “We had hoped to resolve this matter before selling tickets so that participants would not have to pay the tax, but the state is taking longer than we expected to issue an opinion. Unfortunately, this means we will have to collect the tax at the time of purchase, as per the law. At 9% a pop, this amounts to an additional $34 for each $390 ticket (if the tax is found not to apply after ticket sales commence, we will issue a refund for the 9% collected).”

Burning Man is an amazing experience, but it takes an enormous amount of effort and work to prepare for and the festival is held in a place where the harshest of conditions can occur. It is not for the faint of heart. Many veteran burners said that 2015 was one of the coldest years they’d experienced and the dust storms were some of the most intense they’d seen.

For those of us who want to continue to experience what Burning Man offers, here we go, the clock is ticking.



  1. Sign up for Jack Rabbit Speaks newsletter
  2. Create a Burner Profile
  3. Create a Ticketfly account
  4. Register for the sale starting March 16 at noon
  5. Purchase a ticket on March 31


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For information about Burning Man, visit burningman.org.


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