UPDATE: Back-country access

Agencies work together to plan projects around recreation access


An Oct. 23 public meeting to discuss options for back-country access along the West Shore was postponed following the announcement of a coalition between Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, El Dorado County and Tahoe Backcountry Alliance.

The agencies were joined by members of the Sierra State Parks Foundation and the El Dorado County Sheriff’s department during a series of meetings to open the conversation about how parties can work together to ensure that future water quality improvement projects have little impact on existing recreation areas.

“Initially, we’re focused on getting everyone plugged into the process,” said Tom Lotshaw, public information officer for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

The coalition was formed in response to concerns over the loss of parking access along Highway 89 as a result of water quality improvement projects. The project was revised to include a 25 by 100 foot paved pullout south of D.L Bliss State Park. Additionally, California State Parks offered to provide plowed winter parking at the D.L. Bliss State Park Visitor Center.

Moving forward, the planning agencies are working on establishing an open conversation surrounding upcoming projects including continued water quality improvement projects along Highway 89 near Emerald Bay and Eagle Falls.

Currently, there are no plans to reschedule the public meeting; however, all agencies are open to holding a meeting if there is interest from the community.