History comes to life on Haunted Tour

By Kirstin Guinn


The cast of the 2014 Historical Haunted Tour were, from left, Don Schmidt, Angelique Benicio, Isaac Freed, Dawn Baffone, Courtney Thumon, Gary Gunter, Reina Markheim, Lois Moore, Richard Blair, Rachel Douglass, Craig Fierro, Karin Carrasco, Melinda McAlister, Sharon Freeman and Mary Berelson.

Oct. 15 & 16
$45 | VIP packages available

[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]ruckee’s annual Historical Haunted Tour harkens back to days gone by when local law enforcement kept order on the streets – but just barely. An exploration of the town’s darker past, the tour winds through several of downtown’s historic buildings while a cast of characters puts on a series of vignettes that will have attendees nervously shifting in their boots.

And while the performances are kept under lock and key until show time, we do know that only brave souls will follow the “Shadows Across The Tracks” this year, where darkness and intrigue seem to lurk by the river’s edge.

100115-Haunted_1Dawn Baffone, left, and Angelique Benicio perform on the Historical Haunted Tour

The tour begins at Moody’s Bistro & Beats and the Truckee Hotel, and then ventures across the train tracks to Riverside Drive where individual performances will take place at the host sponsor sites: Art Obsessions, Tonini House, Moonshine Ink and Dark Horse Coffee Roasters.

Rumor has it that a former constable still keeps watch on this street where anything goes.
Based on true events and steeped in fact, the Historical Haunted Tour brings the town’s past to life, with embellishments that make the stories seem even more real. Attendees will have to wait for the evening’s performances to unfold to fully satiate their curiosity, but past performances have included wild and sassy saloon girls, law enforcement run amuck, Poker Pete and the OK Choral singers.

The vignettes are not suitable for those with a delicate constitution. The tour is restricted to those older than 21 due to some stories of misbehavín’ and activities at the adult-only watering holes.

100115-Haunted_OpiumDenOpium Dens, like this one as part of last year’s Historical Haunted Tour featuring Courtney Thurmon, left, and Gary Gunter were once present in Truckee.

The Truckee Historical Haunted Tour is the original production created by Sunshine Tahoe as an immersive experience to celebrate the town’s historic gems. Conceived to help raise funds for a handful of nonprofits, the Historical Haunted Tour is now the signature fundraiser for Trails & Vistas, whose mission is to inspire community by celebrating the arts in nature. The tour enables Trails & Vistas to produce a program of Art Hikes for local, third-grade students, which cultivate environmental stewardship through the arts.

The Historical Haunted Tour will run on Oct. 15 and 16. Individual tickets are $45 each and are timed with tours every 15 minutes from 5 to 8 p.m. VIP packages are available on Oct. 16 and include a private tour for groups of 16, keepsake gifts and drink specials. Lodging discounts are available from the Truckee Hotel for attendees who are too scared to go home.


Visit truckeehistorytour.org for more information and to purchase tickets. Article submitted by Historical Haunted Tour.