Foam Fest Fun: Music, beer & a whole lotta dancing

By Priya Hutner

090315-MusicFeature_FoamFest_c.MattPalmerMatt Palmer | Squaw Valley

Sept. 5 | 2-6 p.m.
$30 advance includes beer tasting | $35 at the event
$10 entry only | Free for kids


[dropcap1]S[/dropcap1]ummer in Tahoe is festival time. And, for many of us there is nothing better than to pair a great day of music with a wide selection of ice-cold beer. The 26th Annual Foam Fest at Squaw will deliver just that on Sept. 5.

With unlimited tastings from more than 40 breweries, proceeds from the event will support Disabled Sports USA Far West, which provides sports rehabilitation and therapeutic recreation programs to people with disabilities.

Two Tahoe favorites are performing – headlining the event are The Dead Winter Carpenters and opening for them, Zebuel’s Smoked Out Soul.

Memphis-born musician, Zebuel Early, named after his great-great-great grandfather, spent many years living and playing music in Tahoe and currently resides in San Francisco. While going to school in Colorado, he was a radio DJ who eventually purchased two turntables and hit the clubs.

“I was going to college in Colorado when the first band I was in took off and we all moved to Tahoe together,” Early said. He toured with Mama’s Cookin’ for 10 years.090315-MusicFeature_Zeguitar

Zebuel Early


A guitarist and vocalist his love of music is eclectic, He fuses his musical worlds together with his love of funk, soul and live music while deejaying. Inspired by a diverse range of music from Gramatik, Pretty Lights J-Lah to BB king, James Brown and Stevie Wonder, Early grew up listening to classic rock, then world and reggae in college and spun blues on the radio.

“I take a bit of each thing I was influenced by and draw it into what I do, which is what Smoked Out Soul is,” he said.

Drummer Paul Oliphant, who also rocks an electronic drum pad, and keyboardist and trombonist Tristan Selzler are joined by Early at the helm on guitar, vocals and deejaying “we each do the work of two people giving us the sound of 6 or 7 people,” explained Early.

What is Smoked Out Soul?

“What started as a mix tape has morphed into a party with live musicians and DJ music. We play at the Monarch Club in the Bay area every two weeks. It’s a funk and soul celebration,” he said.

Early released “Cadillac Throwback Remix” last year and is about to release “River City Sunset” on Sleeveless Records, due out in September.

“The album was produced by Stylust Beats and recorded on his label. The album has super soulful vibes,” said Early.

Opening for the Dead Winter Carpenters, “Zebuel’s Smoked Out Soul will be performing a mix of original songs from the upcoming album and songs that we come up with on the spot,” he added. And, in DJ fashion there will be remixes of friends, as well. “The common goal is creating a good soulful vibe for people. We’ll get the crowd ready for Dead Winter Carpenters.”



Tahoe darlings

090315-MusicFeature_DWC                                 Dead Winter Carpenters


“We are excited to return to Foam Fest and give back to the community.
It’s great to perform a benefit in our hometown.”



[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he Dead Winter Carpenters are truly Tahoe darlings. A Truckee local, Jenni Charles creates magic with her vocals and fiddle. She’s been playing music and involved in a number of bands over the years. The band formed in 2010 and they’ve been on a whirlwind tour of success.

“We had a strong foundation when we formed Dead Winter Carpenters and along with the help of the Tahoe Community,” said Charles.

The band members met in the Bay Area years ago and include lead guitarist Bryan Daines, a native of Reno, drummer Brian Huston, upright bassist Dave Lockhart and Jessie Dunn on rhythm guitar. All of the members of Dead Winter Carpenters are vocalists, as well.

With two, full-length albums and one EP, the band is set to release a new album early next year.


“This album takes a bit of a new direction, it’s a little less country and a lot more rock and roll. We weren’t trying to go in a new direction it happened organically,” Charles explained. “I’m inspired by people that come out to our shows and enjoy the music. I love that they are able to let go, dance and have fun despite what’s going on in their lives,” she adds.

The Dead Winter Carpenters are no stranger to the upcoming Foam Fest, “We are excited to return to Foam Fest and give back to the community. It’s great to perform a benefit in our hometown,” she said.

After a short stay in Tahoe, the band hits the road and won’t be back until the fall where they’ll perform at Hangtown Festival. “It’s so fun we’ve played there every year, ” she added.

The bands tour will culminate at the end of this year when they perform New Year’s Eve at Sierra Valley Lodge. In the meantime, catch the band at Foam Fest along with Zebuel’s Smoked Out Soul for a cause.



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