Ambassadors of gypsy rock


By Priya Hutner · 


It’s exciting to find a band you can get jazzed about. Diego’s Umbrella’s sound is infectious, contagious and totally fun. The band’s gypsy-rock sound is one that gets you up and moving, and pastes a smile to your face. Crowned the San Francisco ambassadors of gypsy rock, the band returns to Tahoe to perform at the Crystal Bay Casino on Aug. 8.

“The CBC is one of my favorite places to play in Tahoe,” said Jake Wood, the drummer of Diego’s Umbrella.

Wood is not only a musician, but he’s also a teacher and an audio engineer. He engineered and mixed the sound for their new EP released this week, “Songs for Juerga.”

“Juerga is a term for an impromptu flamenco party, Juerga is a party, a jam session of sorts, and for us our music is all about the party,” explains Wood.

Diego’s Umbrella vibe is about the love and spirit behind Juerga, and the band has been in sessions working on their latest release.

“Songwriters Vaughn Lindstrom, who plays acoustic guitar and is the lead vocalist, and Jason Kleinberg, who plays violin, would bring the rough copies to our practices and we’d chip away and figure out how to make each song awesome,” said Wood. “Red Cup is Diego’s Umbrella’s bass player and the new guy, Kevin Gautschi, also a lead vocalist and electric guitarist, has been kicking it for band, it’s like we’ve been upgraded with a new secret weapon.”

The band has been together for 11 years now and has evolved over the years since their first album. Asked to describe gypsy Rock, wood replied, “It’s like polka on steroids. And, once you hear the sound you’ll fall in love with polka, not in the traditional sense but the Oom-pah sound is still there and it kills it at dance parties.”

Chatting was Wood is about as contagious as the music the band plays.

“When we get on the stage it’s our playground and a time for us to have fun. Playing music is awesome but playing for people having a great time is even better,” says Wood.

Check out Diego’s Umbrella Web site,, and listen to their single “You’ll Never Take Down” off their new EP. And, the band’s video and cover of Sony and Cher’s “A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done” from their fourth EP “Proper Cowboy” is as catchy and upbeat as is “Thrash Mexican Budapest” from the same album.

There is no question that the sound of this band is eclectic and exotic, drawing sounds from around the world.

What can you expect from Diego’s Umbrella?

“Expect a party spirit and an infectious good time,” said Wood, who’s also enthusiastic about the new light kit for his drum set.

Bring your dancing shoes and look for an irreverent, fun time at the Crystal Bay Casino. The best part is that the show is free. And, stay for the after party with Mark Sexton Band.


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August 8

10 p.m. | Free
After Party with Mark Sexton Band
Crystal Bay Casino | Crystal Bay, Nev.