Art, music & theater at Valhalla

By Priya Hutner · 


Quinn Deveaux ·

June 24 | Beppe Gambetta with Richie Lawrence
June 27 | Calidanza dance company
July 2-3 | “On Golden Pond”
July 5 | “On Golden Pond” & The Empty Wallets
July 6 | Comedy Improv
July 8 | Sourdough Slim
July 9-12 | “On Golden Pond”
July 12 | CW & Mr. Spoons
July 13 | Comedy Improv
July 15 | Me and Bobby McGee
July 16-18 | “On Golden Pond”
July 19 | New World Jazz Project
July 20 | Comedy Improv
July 22 | Audrey Auld-Mazera and Grant Peeples
July 23-25 | “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”
July 27 | Comedy Improv
July 29 | Quinn Deveaux and the Blue Beat Revue
Aug. 5 | Susie Glaze & the Hilonesome Band and Houston Jones
Aug. 8 | Great Gatsby Murder Mystery Dinner
Aug. 12 | Jimmy LaFave and the Night Tribe
Aug. 19 | Citywater
Aug. 26 | James Garner’s Tribute to Johnny Cash

Celebrating its 34th year, the Valhalla Art, Music & Theatre Festival is a unique celebration of music, theater and the visual arts. The festival is set against the magnificent backdrop of Lake Tahoe and the Tallac Historic Site with events and activities that continue throughout August.
Summer at Valhalla is all about the arts, and this season is jam packed with talent. Festival director Evangeline Elston is thrilled about the variety and high energy that is gracing the stages of Valhalla.


Beppe Gambetta | Photo by Sergio Farinelli · 
Beppe Gambetta, known as a master innovator of the acoustic guitar, will be one of the many talents performing at Valhalla. With America in his heart and his roots in the sun and the olive trees of the Mediterranean sea, Gambetta naturally and seamlessly bridges the shores of the two continents, creating a musical fusion where American roots music and Ligurian tradition, emigration songs and folk ballads, steel string guitars and vintage harp guitars not only co-exist but interact, weaving a deep dialog unaware of any rigid classification.
In addition to musical performances, the dance troupe, Calidanza, brings a new and innovative way to look at traditional Mexican folk and contemporary dance performs. The company fuses contemporary technique with traditional folk dance to tell compelling stories of the rich cultural traditions of Mexico.
Step back in time with an authentic vaudeville-style cowboy show with Sourdough Slim in the Will Rogers tradition. Sourdough Slim is a veritable “one man Western extravaganza,” crooning Western classics, playing accordion, guitar and harmonica, dancing a jig, dishing out hilarious comedic sketches and letting loose with award-winning yippee-ti-yi-yodeling.
Enjoy polished, sophisticated renditions of masterpieces of American song for piano and voice with Me and Bobby McGree featuring June Joplin and Bob Reid.
A Celebration of Song featuring Audrey Auld and Grant Peeples brings wit and music together for this performance. Auld heart is in country, folk and roots music. A fearless entertainer, an honest and witty writer, she calls her style, “music with the dirt left on.” She will be performing with Peeples, known for his axe-sharp, socio-political tunes, as well as his raucous humor and comedy, and heart-gigging ballads.
Quinn Deveaux and the Blue Beat Revue evoke images of gutbucket barrooms where rock ‘n’ roll was born, to the pine-walled shacks, nearby, where its gospel-forebears rent their souls.
Rounding out the season is Susie Glaze & The Hilonesome Band, whose music has been likened to the classic British bands Pentangle and Fairport Convention. They blend classic folk music with rough-edged stories of tragedy and fate, all with orchestral arrangements sounding like chamber music gone folk. This is a lush, newgrass Americana folk fusion quintet presenting gorgeous eclectic blends of mountain folk and exciting new grassy and Celtic-inspired originals. Houston Jones invites the audience into a world of musical virtuosity and storytelling ranging from the myths of ancient Greece to the red dirt back roads of Waskom, Texas. The acoustic heart of the band beats with the passion of five lifetimes lived in a musical landscape of revival tents to Irish pubs, New Orleans to the Great Plains to Motown, a church in Cape Cod to a punk club in Berkeley.

If theater is your thing, Valhalla presents two performances at the Boathouse Theatre including “On Golden Pond,” the classic American comedy/drama that’s every bit as touching, warm and witty today as when it debuted on Broadway in 1979 and “A Midsummer’s Night Dream,” presented with a Tahoe Twist by Tahoe South’s acclaimed young adult theater.
Summer performances also include A Great Gatsby Murder Mystery Dinner, free Music on the Lawn on select Sundays in July and August, and the Tahoe Improv Players in July. Look for the Red Dirt Music sounds of Jimmy LaFave and the Night Tribe, Citywater and James Gardner’s Tribute to Johnny Cash in August.

Prices vary from $10 to $35 for tickets depending on the performance and seating choices. For more information, visit