The Glitch Mob experiments on the edge of technology

By Jenn Sheridan ·



May 28 | 7 p.m.
Knitting Factory | Reno, Nev.


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Pushing the boundaries of computers as instrument, The Glitch Mob incorporates the sounds of late 1990s underground electronic music with fresh beats and a visual performance that is an experience all on its own.

Using a custom-built contraption dubbed The Blade, The Glitch Mob experiments with the edge of what’s possible with current technology.

“The Blade is 2 in 1. It’s our instrument. It houses the gear from the computers to buttons and pads. It’s also our set piece and our aesthetic,” said Joshua Mayer, one-third of the trio that makes up The Glitch Mob.

Mayer, along with Justin Boreta and Edward Ma, set out to create something that represented their music on a visual level and allowed them to explore their sound. What they got was a machine that changed the way they wrote music with a new element of how the songs would be performed on stage.

“One thing we always come back to is interacting with the fans,” said Mayer. “It’s not about some weird social construct like fame or money. It’s enjoying dance music and seeing people celebrate.”

Today, The Glitch Mob is known as one of the most popular electronic groups to come out of the Los Angeles electronic scene, but it wasn’t always that way.

“Electronic music was the last thing you’d do to get famous and make money,” said Mayer of early days in his music career playing under the alias Ooah. The group met playing solo gigs at underground parties and soon the acquaintance evolved into friendship and the group began collaborating.

“Originally, we didn’t write music together. We’d each bring in something and work on it,” said Mayer, but in 2010 they decided to begin working as a group on their first album, “Drink the Sea.” Then, they hit the road performing up and down the West Coast before expanding across the country and internationally. Constantly seeking new ways to approach a beat, new technology and new instruments the band naturally evolved to its current state.

“We’re on the edge of technology,” said Mayer. “We’re in an arms race where we’re pushing how much information can be sent to however many different places. We’re constantly coming up with new things to add (to The Blade.)”

Although The Glitch Mob has taken priority, each of the members continues to work on side projects. Mayer is collaborating with Marty Party on a new PANTyRAID album. Edward Ma produces music as ediT and Justin Boreta recently released a new edit under Boreta. Most recently, the band has been writing music and preparing for upcoming shows.

“All of it is exciting. We’re really picky about what we do. We try to pick what’s most inspiring to us,” says Mayer.

The Glitch Mob plays the Knitting Factory on May 28. Tickets are available at Head to to enter to win a pair of tickets.