Coffeebar: Community, coffee & conversation

By Priya Hutner ·


Jillian Culver & Ashley Shine are among the friendly faces at Coffeebar · 

Community, coffee and conversation are the culture of the Coffee-bar in Truckee. Owner Greg Buchheister opened the European-style café four years ago and has created a place for people to enjoy some of the best coffee in town.

“I provide a skeleton of operations and the community is the flesh,” Greg says, speaking to the loyal following and sense of community that has grown since first opening. Locals gravitate to the café to hang out, meet and work.

Coffeebar coffee is created with C-1 grade coffee beans, the highest grade available and specially roasted by master roaster Carl Staub of Reno. The Italian Roast, one of my favorites, is a rich and dark blend of beans.

“The Espresso blend mirrors what you would typically find in Italy,” Greg explains. “Special blends change often and are based on what’s in season.”

Currently serving a Kenyan blend, and soon will feature a Costa Rican and a Columbian blend.

French Press, Espresso and Cold Brew methods are currently offered at the Truckee location. There is also an impressive selection of teas.

The menu is based on an Italian Bistro concept and offers simple foods with less than eight ingredients. They host a delicious variety of pastries and a wide selection of Panini sandwiches, salads and crepes.


The Crepe Limone ·

The staff at Coffeebar is bright and enthusiastic. Ashley Shine brings out a gluten-free Chocolate Doughnut she insists that I try along with a Crepe Limone, which was delightful, boasting tangy, lemony goodness with a just the right amount of sweetness wrapped in a perfect crepe. Barista Nate Maier whipped up a fabulous latte topped with a beautiful latte art design made with the creamy froth.


Gluten-free goodness with the Maple & Chocolate Doughnuts · 

Jillian Culver suggested that I try the Roasted Beet Salad with red and golden beets served over a bed of arugula, with goat cheese and walnuts, dressed in Hazelnut Chive Vinaigrette. It was excellent.


The Roasted Beet Salad with red and golden beets · 

Coffeebar continues to expand, with a store in Reno and a second Truckee location opening this month at the other end of town. In addition to coffee and espresso, the new space will offer pastries, fresh baked breads and a wide selection of gluten-free baked goods. Evenings are a perfect time to sit outside and enjoy the wide selection of wine and beer on the menu.

Monthly wine tastings paired with food prepared by local chefs, literary readings and concerts are offered throughout the year.

Follow Coffeebar on Instagram for an opportunity to win free coffee for a month. CoffeeBar is located at 10120 Jiboom St., Truckee, and is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, call (530) 587-2000 or visit


Priya Hutner is a writer, health and wellness consultant, and natural foods chef. Her business, The Seasoned Sage, focuses on wellness, conscious eating and healthy living. She offers healthy organic meals for her clients. She may be reached at or visit Visit to read more Tastes columns.

Priya Hutner

Priya Hutner is a writer, personal chef and meditation teacher. She writes feature articles about music, art, food and recreation. Priya loves to immerse in story. Whether jumping from a plane, eating obscure foods or hitting the Tahoe-Reno music scene, she is always up for adventure and experience.
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