Tahoe Trail Bar offers natural energy bar

Tahoe Trail Bar is an all-natural, high-energy bar that is vegan and gluten free.  |  Courtesy Tahoe Trail Bar

The business of protein and high-energy bars is crowded one. There are hundreds of trail bars, power bars and protein bars on the market, there is even a bar made with crickets for additional protein.

Bars are easy to travel with and great to have in a pinch. I’m always happy to have one tucked away in case of ravenous starvation. But, there are things to be aware of when choosing a nutritional bar, whether you are using the bar as a meal replacement or for extra protein or to help you push through and climb the last umpteen miles, pay attention some bars are made with less than healthy ingredients.

The Tahoe Trail Bar is a new bar on the market. An all-natural, high-energy bar that is vegan and gluten free, the company produces only one flavor, a Peanut Butter Plus Bar made with oats, crisped rice, raisins, cranberries, coconut, sesame seeds and chocolate bits.

West King is the hands-on owner of Tahoe Trail Bar.  |  Courtesy Tahoe Trail Bar

I recently met with Wes King, the owner of the Tahoe Trail Bar. He is a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur and proud of his product. He purchased the company in 2010 when they were still making bars in a local coffee shop. They quickly outgrew the location and moved operations to a commercial bakery. Wes would load his 2002 Subaru and make 150 trips a week delivering his product.

As the chief cook and bottle washer, Wes not only oversees manufacturing of the bar but sales, as well.

The Tahoe Trail Bar may be found in Safeway, all 119 Raley’s, Whole Foods and locations in Reno, Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville and Davis. In Truckee, you may find his bars at Coffeebar and New Moon.

King’s prides himself on a product that reduces environmental impact and gives back to local organizations, such at the Tahoe Rim Trail and High Fives organization.

“Fuel for the Journey” is his tag line and mantra for Tahoe Trail Bars. And, it’s as good as it is good for you. The 300-calorie bar is tasty, moist and not too sweet.


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