Electric Blue Elephant: Vegan kitchen on wheels

By Priya Hutner · 



Rich Sheldon, owner of Electric Blue Elephant · 


The Incline Village-based Electric Blue Elephant is always on the move. So, I went on a quest to seek them out. Summer for this eclectic mobile kitchen is a busy time. I found them under the Keystone Bridge in Reno.

Owner Rich Sheldon is set up and ready for the night, parked among a slew of other food trucks. But this truck offers something the others don’t: fresh, healthy, quality vegan food.

Rich suggests I try the most popular menu item – a Cabbage Hand Roll stuffed with sustainable locally grown mixed greens, cabbage, cilantro and carrots, wrapped in thin rice paper and rolled in a bounty of sesame seeds.


Cabbage Sesame Handroll · 

I begin my attack on the super-sized roll. I drizzle the rich sesame sauce over the roll. I am met with a nutty, hint of spicy and definitely fabulous flavor. The abundance of sesame seeds and crisp greens give the roll a great crunchy texture. I love this dish.

Rich is a self-proclaimed foodie. His wife, Katie DiLibero, and Sarah Landau, design and create the recipes. The trio is passionate about serving delicious, plant-based food. The meals are organic, made with non-processed food and prepared from scratch.

“Sarah is unstoppable; she is a creative force with our food. My wife Katie is a fantastic raw foods chef. Both women love making delicious food.”

Rich points to the logo, a vibrant blue elephant with the words “Local-Organic-Vegan-Eats.” The acronym LOVE.


Portobello Tacos · 

The summer menu includes an Arugula Pesto Grilled Cheez sandwich made with a cashew-based probiotic cheese, arugula basil pesto and tomatoes served on hearty, gluten-free bread. Portobello Tacos are served with marinated mushrooms, cabbage mix, marinated onions, steamed greens, kraut, avocado, cashew sour cream and hot sauce on tortillas. The Macro Bowl is prepared with marinated mushrooms, steamed kale, chard and spinach over coconut turmeric brown rice with housemade sauerkraut, lemon-garlic Tahini sauce, green onions and toasted sesame seeds.

One of the signature desserts, Banana I Scream, is made with frozen bananas and drizzled with raw chocolate sauce and crushed almonds. Served like soft serve ice cream, the chocolate and nuts complemented the cool, refreshing dessert is unbelievably yummy. Everything on the menu is less than $10.

Don’t let the “V” word stop you from this delectable experience. I recommend the quest to find the nomadic Electric Blue Elephant for a delectable vegan fare.


Electric Blue Elephant is on the move. To find its whereabouts visit electricblueelephant.com or facebook.com/electricblueelephant.

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