Greens, Eggs & Bacon

032714-StirItUpI think that I need to set the stage for this one a little before giving you the recipe. So, there I was on my way to Reno after finishing my article and sending it into the paper. Yes, you read that right; I had already written my article and needed to pick up some vacuum sealing bags for the food saver. My phone rang and having a Bluetooth, I answered it. The problem was that the phone froze and wouldn’t pick up. I saw the caller was Steve K and just let it go.

Well, I kind of forgot the phone wasn’t working and it wasn’t until I was on the way back up the hill when I pulled over, took the battery out of the phone and got it working again. Steve K wanted a beer, so I picked him up and we stopped at PlumpJack. Yes, it was St. Patrick’s Day, but, no, that’s not how the greens came into the recipe.

So, there we were, sitting at the bar after two beers, when Rebecca walked in, followed shortly after by my neighbors downstairs, Heather and Ryan. My neighbors sat at the other end of the bar eating dinner for a while and Rebecca joined us. She has known Steve K for quite a while and we were talking about his trip to the hospital and his only plea in the ER was to “Please, don’t tell Rebecca I’m here,” as she walked into the room. Rebecca is a nurse and lit into him on how he needs to take care of himself.

Rebecca was so mad (in a good way) that she kind of reminded me of my third-grade nun (not in a good way) the time someone left gum on the floor. Man, was I glad I was sitting on the end. The conversation turned to breakfast and how that was where Steve had to start. Heather, at one point, walked by and mentioned she had greens every morning with her eggs and bacon just as a side conversation to me.

So, Steve finally has to get up for a minute and while he’s gone, my phone buzzes and it was a message left earlier by the editor that she wanted to run the article I submitted for a later issue and could I get another one written for the current issue. I asked Steve when he came back, and everyone found it funny that this was exactly how many of my articles have come about while sitting at the bar. Well, neither Steve nor myself could think of anything, but then the whole breakfast thing came up again with Elisa (man, I hope I spelled that one right) she said that she also had greens for breakfast. Go figure, there were three really good looking, fit, girls talking about greens, eggs and bacon for breakfast and, bam, an article is born.

This happens to be Heather’s recipe and besides echoing Rebecca and Elisa’s testaments on it being a great, healthy way to get a good amount of protein without the carbs. It also is a great way to use up the greens she gets in her veggie co-op. So, here is to a healthy start to your day. Enjoy.

Greens, Eggs and Bacon
A good amount of whatever greens you have (kale, beets & carrot greens)
1 shallot, sliced
2 slices bacon
1 egg
Olive oil

Cook the bacon almost through and dump the grease. Sauté the sliced shallot and the bacon until the bacon is done. Add the greens and a little olive oil letting the greens wilt. Fry the egg over easy and place over the greens with the bacon so that it will run down through the greens as you eat.


Chef Smitty
Smitty is a personal chef specializing in dinner parties, cooking classes and special events. Trained under Master Chef Anton Flory at Top Notch Resort in Stowe, Vt., Smitty is known for his creative use of fresh ingredients. Smitty has been teaching skiing at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows for more than 26 years each winter, and spends his summers working for High Sierra Waterski School since 2000. Smitty has been writing his chef column for Tahoe Weekly since 2005.