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Monday, October 16, 2017

Roast Duck with Blueberry Watermelon Sauce

Roast duck is one of those dinner items that will rarely make it to the dining room table. Duck is a dish that is enjoyed...

Fennel | What to Do With It?

The fennel plant with its feathery green leaves springing from the long stalks that grow out of a white or pale green bulb is...

Bean Salad

I was sitting at work recently and asked if anyone had any requests for a recipe. Two people at different times asked for a...

Shrimp & Scallop Kabobs

Do you ever wonder where the names of things come from and how they came about? Did you ever hear that you are not...

Cooking healthy with Jason Wrobel

Dietary choices can be perplexing. Do we choose a plant-based or meat-based diet? Paleo or vegan diet? Ketogenic or Mediterranean diet? Grains on no...

Salmon En Croûte

The fishing in the area lakes and reservoirs has been pretty awesome. The featured recipe is for salmon, but this method also may be...

CSA brings the farm to the mountains

Community supported agriculture, or CSA, and has become a popular way for people to buy local and seasonal food directly from a farmer. Typically,...

Piccata Milanese

During my first years of cooking, I worked primarily with Austrian chefs, as well as with a few German and French chefs. Unlike working...

Gazpacho | A Cool Soup for Summer

It’s summertime and chilled soup is on the menu. A cool bowl of refreshing gazpacho is a delicious way to beat the heat and...

Soda Fountain Drinks

Wow, has it been hot. It was hot enough to wear a lot of folks down. During the hottest days of the week, even...


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