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Chef’s Recipe

  • Stir Fry

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on February 8, 2017
    While writing this week’s article, I wondered if I should be doing a stir fry. We are getting into the heart of the winter season, which is usually the time for the comfort foods, such as meatloaf, casseroles and stew, possibly the most popular of all the comfort foods. All of these dishes are hearty, which is great for a […]
  • Carbohydrates for cross-country skiing

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on January 25, 2017
    Story by Chef David “Smitty” Smith  ·   This is the time for many of us to click into our cross-country skis, slip into the woods and enjoy peaceful solitude. Cross-country skiing is a great way to catch up on exercise missed during the busy work period. It also is a great way to burn off extra calories that accumulated […]
  • Zwiebelrostbraten

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on January 12, 2017
    Wow, I made it. The holidays are over and I made it through and can still use my fingers to type as they were meant. For a while there, I wasn’t quite sure of what the outcome would be. I mean, it was really too close to call. At one point I thought about calling my sister, who is a […]
  • New Year’s Eve appetizers

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on December 28, 2016
    ‘Twas the night before New Year’s and all through the house, everyone was restless, yes, even the mouse. There are parties to go to that are a big deal, for tomorrow is next year, there’s no time for a meal. So what do we do? For we surely must eat or the drinks will affect us, knock us right off […]
  • Christmas Dinner Secrets

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on December 14, 2016
    It is officially the holiday season. Everywhere I went in the last month there have been signs — lots and lots of signs. The ghouls and goblins barely made it back into their crypts before the sleigh bells were ringing, Christmas lights were blinking and tinsel was hanging from every banner in the stores. There are two things that will […]
  • Cranberry Sauce

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on November 30, 2016
    Another holiday is here and with it comes all that work to make your holiday meal a success. Yes, trust me, I know how much work goes into cooking a meal — any meal. But a holiday meal is the equivalent of giving your car a full engine rebuild instead of just an oil change or adding on a new […]
  • Turkey Stock and Asian Soup

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on November 16, 2016
    Any other time of year and I would take a rib-eye steak without thinking twice, but from Thanksgiving until Christmas, turkey reigns supreme. Walk through the meat section of any supermarket during the holiday season and it is apparent what the big seller is. I have to admit, any other time of year and I would take a rib-eye steak […]
  • Zucchini Basil Soup or Coulis

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on October 19, 2016
    One of the great things about this soup is how versatile it is. I’m not referring too how it can be used as a soup, a coulis or sauce, but to the fact it is delicious served hot or cold. That is, as a soup it is great to eat the first day hot since you just made it and […]
  • Pumpkin Sage Sauce

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on October 19, 2016
    Once Halloween has come and gone, the question becomes what do you do with all those pumpkins that didn’t quite make it to the carver’s knife, but sat inside on the windowsill to show anyone passing by there was Halloween spirit in the house. Pumpkins are versatile with a lot of uses including as an alternative to tomato sauce. Yes, […]
  • Minestrone Soup

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on October 5, 2016
    With the return of fall, I thought it would be appropriate to give you the recipe for a nice hearty soup. There are a ton of soups that are great for a cool fall day. Zucchini and roasted red pepper is one of my favorites. Mushroom or broccoli soups are also great. These are all pureed soups and can really […]