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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Take your kids skiing

“The good side of it is that you spent all of those great times skiing together until he started to find out about girls and snowboards, in that order.” I watched the heavily laden SUV with sagging springs park a few cars away and Mom, Dad and five kids started pulling out skis and stuff. The oldest kid had a...

Skiing equipment 1947

I have come to the conclusion that complaining doesn’t get a person anywhere, unless the person you are complaining to can do something about your complaints. A few years ago when I was making ski movies, as I did for 55 years, I had three extreme skiers sitting around at lunch and we were talking about the advances in ski...

Ski tour leader

“Several people came on the tour because they thought they were hot skiers and would wind up in my annual film. They weren’t as hot as they thought, so that never happened (except in some of the comedy sequences).” As I stepped off the train in Kitzbühel, Austria, I had two jobs ahead of me. One was to film the...

The anticipation of ski season

“First thing on the agenda was to remove the skis from the 2 x 4 piece of lumber that they had been clamped to for the summer to prevent them from warping and twisting in the semi-moist atmosphere of sea level." If you’re lucky enough to have skied as long as I have, from way back in the late 1930s,...


“During the last of 10 laps, I was struggling in fourth place when one of the men in front of me fell and I coasted home in third place and won the first trophy in my life.” Hundreds of millions of people have read the Hollywood sign as they came in for a landing at Los Angeles International Airport. In...

First Tracks in Europe

“To get to the powder, you rode the cable railway to the summit and skied down the back of the mountain to a village as far as 12km away and then climbed on a train to ride back up to the cable railway and stand in line again.” In 1953 I was hosted by both the Swiss and Austrian tourist bureaus...

The autobiography

Nearly 30 years ago, Laurie and I were spending the summer in Vail, Colo., while I recovered from torn rotator cuff surgery. I couldn’t windsurf with my shoulder so we didn’t go to Maui as we usually did, so we had to find other things to do and I could still walk. While hiking one day, I ran into...

The Big Red Truck

“Every night that I slept in that truck I saved enough money on dinner, motel and breakfast to buy yet another roll of Kodachrome for my already planned, next feature film.” In the spring of 1950, I was surfing at San Onofre when a friend named Burrhead drove up in a shiny, new Chevrolet panel delivery truck. It was the perfect surfing...

Sun Valley 1946-47

When I drove into the Sun Valley parking lot with Ward Baker in January 1947, I had no idea that I would spend the next three winters there. On the road from Ketchum to Warm Springs, there was only one building after the Bigwood River Bridge. There was no reason for anyone to live out there because there was no...

The Pursuit

The 20-foot Pursuit (my old camera boat) was loaded to the Plimsoll mark as we moved away from the launching ramp in Anacortes, Wash. I didn’t know it at the time, but this exploration of the San Juan Islands, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island in this small boat would change my life forever. I had no idea whatsoever that...


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