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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cabin for sale

Only in Sun Valley, Idaho, can a 75- square-foot, early 1950 log cabin go on the market for $949,000. Here is the history of that log cabin. My job at Sun Valley in the winter of 1948-49 was to teach beginning skiing to people who had come there on a Learn to Ski week vacation for $87.95. This price included room...

Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Having just finished my favorite lunch of a peanut butter and banana sandwich with an ice cold root beer, it is time to talk about how many sick days at work you have saved up so you can use them to find your own freedom on the side of a ski hill while you are getting a sunburned face...

Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing means to accomplish an advertising goal without spending much money. (I think I’ve made it clear that I am into free whenever I can get it, right?) When I started my film company there wasn’t much … more like none. When I was trying to help the ski club sponsors of my feature-length ski films, they never had...

Ski film career

I’ve been lucky to have pointed my cameras at dozens of new ski resorts in America and Europe starting back in 1947 when I shot footage with my 8mm camera at a new ski resort in Colorado called Aspen. It boasted the world’s longest chairlift and lift tickets cost a whopping $4 a day, and accommodations could be purchased...

Spreading the love of skiing

It was an extremely cold, winter night in downtown Boston. It was 20 degrees out, with the wind gusting about 20 mph when I slipped and almost fell on the icy sidewalk. Years of experience showing my ski films in this part of the country had prepared me for the auditorium probably not even being half-full on such a miserable...

Ski fever

Recent discussions regarding addictions made me think about them and realize that there are good ones and bad ones. Regarding the more positive ones, in the 1950s, ski fever spread across North America and Central Europe relentlessly. It was easily spread and in many cases incurable. The fever was sometimes caught by simply watching one of my ski movies in a...

Twenty-five thousand skiers

In 1960, two years before Vail opened with one gondola, two chairlifts and a Poma lift, I rode to the where Chair 4 ends with Pete Siebert in some sort of an Army surplus, over-the-snow vehicle. He was able to drive to an advantage point where I got my first view of the now-famous Back Bowls. There were no ski...

Comfort Zone

Everyone has a comfort zone of some size. Wherever yours is, it gets more comfortable with each visit. My first comfort zone on skis was established on the Big Hill at Badger Pass in Yosemite after I had made turns on it the 207th time I skied down it. The Big Hill is in reality not very big, but...

Whatever happened to old … what’s his name?

During the last several years, as my eyesight has diminished, when I go to my address book with a magnifying glass, I come across the name of someone I haven’t seen or heard from for a while, even though they used to be someone I spent a lot of time with. As a result, every time I look for a...

Bad Weather

In 1947, I made the decision to spend my winters anywhere where there was enough snow to turn those weird things attached to my two feet. During that time, I have seen all kinds of unusual weather conditions. I had watched 4 feet of snowfall on Big Sky, Mont., during the last week of June. “I have seen all kinds...


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