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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Moon landing

On a below zero, December day in Montana, it is just too cold to ski, and I have been thinking about the other end of the thermometer. (But, before I go there I have to tell you a good way to help keep you warm while you are skiing. Under the turtle neck of your T-shirt, wrap a small face...


I walked down the wide, cold, green hospital corridor with Wini Jones to visit a friend of hers who had just undergone, yet another, five day-blast of chemotherapy. Three months earlier Andrew Epstein had undergone three, five-day blasts of that same chemotherapy. From what Wini had told me, this was one sick dude and the doctors considered this type...

A Good Life

I was lucky to have been born in Southern California when there were less than 1 million people living in greater Los Angeles. At the age of 11, my grandmother gave me my first major freedom in the form of a balloon-tired bicycle for my birthday. I could peddle it to the beach at Santa Monica that was about 20...

The Dangling Easter Eggs

Since 1960, it’s good to be on the Chamonix mailing list just to keep up with its development. In the early 1960s with my well-honed French language skills, I was reduced to eating Le Omelet three meals a day, and that was about it. In my second ski season of skiing and filming Le Oueff at La Flegere in Chamonix,...


This has been a winter of extraordinary weather patterns and snowfalls. So far, 2014 has had more snow fall in Detroit and Chicago than either city has had since 1884. The north polar icecap has increased by 900,000 square miles. The surf in Southern California was estimated at more than 25 feet recently to the delight of every surfer within...

New skateboard parks

In the early 1960s, my family was living in Hermosa Beach and our friend, Don Guild, owned the local drugstore. Appearing one day in his front window was an 18-inch piece of wood painted red with a roller skate nailed to the bottom. On the top in big bright, white letters it said “Bun Board.” A friend of his had...


“There are readers who have sold their home in a big city and went to a ski resort for their lifetime career. They used to be called Ski Bums … I think they are people of courage to follow their convictions.” The world is a different place every night when I get into bed. In 1946, the ski world was...

Rules to travel by

The other day, I got on an airplane and, as usual, fell asleep before it took off. And, just as Gulliver did, I woke up in the land of make-believe. Los Angeles ... where your first experience is trying to find the carousel that is supposed to have your baggage from your mythical flight. I was again introduced to...

Stein Eriksen, the Pied Piper of skiing

My friendship with Stein Eriksen goes back to the mid-1950s when he first appeared on the American ski scene as the ski school director at Boyne Mountain, Mich. The owner and developer of Boyne Mountain, Everett Kircher, was proud of the fact that he was paying Stein more money than any other ski school director in America was being paid...

The Clark’s Party

The 16-foot inflatable, hard foam dinghy from Mike and Nancy Domaille’s wonderful West Bay Son Ship gently bumped the dock on Crane Island as Laurie and I were off on another adventure. I had just told Mike and Nancy that my autobiography was nearly finished, as we were transferring to Doug Rosenberg’s eight-passenger golf cart driven by another favorite neighbor,...


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