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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Life behind the lens | Warren Miller pens autobiography  

  The godfather of action-sports filmmaking shares his life story from behind the camera in his new book, “Freedom Found: My Life Story.”   From his childhood in Hollywood during the Depression era to nearly losing his life on a sinking ship during World War II, rejecting a 9 to 5 job and creating a new business venture from scratch, Miller’s life...

WD 40

Editor’s Note: This will be Warren Miller’s last column. Due to vision problems, Warren will no longer be writing his column. His new book will be released later this spring. As you get older, there are a couple of days every year when your entire body cries out in pain. One is the day after your first day of skiing,...

The Winter of 47 | The cold, old days

It was 23 below zero when we left the gasoline station in Shoshone, Idaho. Our 10-year-old derelict, convertible Buick was as cold inside as it was outside. North of Shoshone the ribbon of ice-covered, narrow asphalt dissected the stark lava beds on each side of it. On the advice of two pretty women we met skiing at Alta, Utah, who...

Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Having just finished my favorite lunch of a peanut butter and banana sandwich with an ice cold root beer, it is time to talk about how many sick days at work you have saved up so you can use them to find your own freedom on the side of a ski hill while you are getting a sunburned face...

Sixteen Skis

It is snowing really big snowflakes outside and there is not a breath of wind. A perfect day to make sure your Goggles are shined and your entire body is all tuned up and ready to enjoy a perfect day like this one promises to be. If you want the best equipment to handle each condition of snow, you can...

Comfort Zone

Everyone has a comfort zone of some size. Wherever yours is, it gets more comfortable with each visit. My first comfort zone on skis was established on the Big Hill at Badger Pass in Yosemite after I had made turns on it the 207th time I skied down it. The Big Hill is in reality not very big, but...

Twenty-five thousand skiers

In 1960, two years before Vail opened with one gondola, two chairlifts and a Poma lift, I rode to the where Chair 4 ends with Pete Siebert in some sort of an Army surplus, over-the-snow vehicle. He was able to drive to an advantage point where I got my first view of the now-famous Back Bowls. There were no ski...

Bad Weather

In 1947, I made the decision to spend my winters anywhere where there was enough snow to turn those weird things attached to my two feet. During that time, I have seen all kinds of unusual weather conditions. I had watched 4 feet of snowfall on Big Sky, Mont., during the last week of June. “I have seen all kinds...


“There are readers who have sold their home in a big city and went to a ski resort for their lifetime career. They used to be called Ski Bums … I think they are people of courage to follow their convictions.” The world is a different place every night when I get into bed. In 1946, the ski world was...

Birth of a Ski Resort

I was lucky to witness the growth of skiing from less than 15 chairlifts in America to more than 400 ski resorts in America today. It is important to note, however, that less than 30 years ago, there were just more than 1,200 ski areas, but with insurance and federal regulations, many of them had to close. Those were the...


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