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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Train Adventure

Author Robert Louis Stevenson fell in love with Fanny Osbourne, a married California woman nine years older than he. In 1879, Fanny sent the...

Nic, Jenny and, now, Magnolia

Last night I held the future in my arms when our two young friends Nic and Jenny stopped by with their new baby,...

Whisky is for Drinking: Water is for Fighting Over

With most resorts now closed for the season, it’s a good time to look back at the highly unusual 2013 winter. December started off...

Worst Winter of All, Part II

Worst Winter of All, Part II By Mark McLaughlin No doubt about it, winter 2012 is off to a monumentally slow start. Virtually no snow...


Stepper Hall, the son of some friends of ours in Montana, sent me the following e-mail, “I’m writing my senior thesis on small business...

Montana skiing

After traveling the road for 55 years with my skis and my cameras to share the freedom of skiing with the rest of the...

Earth Day: Tahoe’s Environmental Challenges

April is here and that means that Earth Day 2013 will soon inspire us to reflect on the health of our planet. Although Earth...

Phone call spur found memories

A surprise phone call from a long-silent, former cameraman of mine recently led to a half an hour of reminiscing. Brian Sisselman, many years ago...

Collapse of Squaw Valley’s Blyth Arena, Part II

Among some longtime locals, the collapse of Squaw Valley’s Blyth Arena on March 29, 1983, is a legendary tale of conspiracy, mystery and subterfuge....


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