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Stir It Up

  • Angel hair pasta with grilled vegetables

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on June 24, 2015
    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith ·    I was recently back east for a family reunion and I can’t tell you how wicked good it is to hear proper speaking again, I was at my sister’s house and she was trying to decide on what to have for dinner. It is just my sister, Debbie, her husband, Jay, and me. […]
  • Food Allergies, Part II

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on June 17, 2015
    By Chef David “Smitty”  ·    Editor’s Note: Part I may be found at TheTahoeWeekly.com I wrote about how much more prevalent food allergies are today compared to 10 or 20 years ago in my May 21 column. Now, I’ll get down to some of the more necessary information of what food allergies are and how to avoid a reaction. […]
  • Voisin Potatoes

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on June 10, 2015
    By Chef David “Smitty” ·  Last week, when I mentioned I was writing a potato recipe because in all the years I’ve been writing this article, I had only previously written three. I chose potatoes O’Brian because they are so easy to make and are great for all three meals. This recipe is a little more work, but is a […]
  • Potatoes O’Brian

    By Chef David “Smitty” ·   A few days ago I was using, or at least trying to use, an external hard drive to back up my computer. When I plugged the hard drive into the computer, it said it was too full already and could not copy anything else to it. I thought those external drives had a ton […]
  • Food Allergies | Part I

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith ·   Food allergies are estimated to be responsible for how many ambulatory care visits in the U.S. every year: 100,000, 10,000, 300,000 or 50,000? That is one of the questions on a test given to all the wait staff at Mikuni restaurant. Ten or 20 years ago, if you asked a chef how many […]
  • Eggs and the Surplus Dinner Ingredients

    By Chef David “Smitty” ·   I’m sure the first comment or question I get about this article will be: “Where did you get that title?” So, that’s what I’ll answer before I write anything else. After hiking up to Gold Coast for my first hike, I ran into Eric and Denise. While Eric was talking to some of the […]
  • Welsh Rarebit

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on April 8, 2015
    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith ·  Not being able to ski this year has been a pretty tough thing for me. It is the first time I’ve missed a year since I first started skiing at 15. Recently, I took the Funitel up to Gold Coast at Squaw to check out the top of the mountain for some of my […]
  • Blueberry Pecan Strudel

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on March 11, 2015
    By Chef David “Smitty” ·   The last article I wrote was the Chicken wrapped in Phyllo dough and I have received a few questions about the dough. I was asked about ideas regarding the leftover dough. Of course, as long as you wrap it well, it can be refrozen and used at a later date. I’ve had luck using […]
  • Apple Strudel

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on March 11, 2015
    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith ·   While I was doing my apprenticeship, the resort I was working at had not only Master Chef Anton Flory, but for six months had one of the top pastry chefs from New York City working there. It was a great opportunity to learn as much about pastries and desserts as I could, so […]
  • Chuck’s Chicken in Phyllo Dough

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on February 25, 2015
    The last time I worked in Stowe, Vt., was the summer of 1997. I was passing through town saying hi to friends on the way to Cape Cod to find my summer job. When I stopped by the Mountain Company to see friends, management asked me if I would stay for the summer and run their fine dining restaurant at […]