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Walk on the left side of the path

Ride bikes on the right side of the path

Pedestrians must yield to bikes

Don’t stop on the trail; move to the side

No motorized vehicles

Cyclists call out when passing pedestrians



North Shore 


Easy  |  5 miles RT

Runs along Lake Tahoe and connects to Hwy. 28 at each end of  InclineVillage. Park at Preston Field on Hwy. 28. TART



Easy-moderate  |  5 miles RT

First 2.5 miles mostly level with a half-mile climb up Dollar Hill. Access to Tahoe State Park, Burton Creek State Park, Skylandia Park, Pomin Park, Lake Forest Beach, Lake Forest Boat Ramp and campground, fishing, picnicking, playgrounds and athletic fields. Public parking at 64 Acres, CommonsBeach and Jackpine. TART



Easy  |  9+ miles RT

4.5 miles from the TahoeCity wye to Alpine Meadows Road, with trails continuing to Olympic Valley. The trail is scenic, separate from the highway, and is mostly flat terrain with a few short, gentle grades with trout fishing, river rafting and picnicking along the way. Connects with Squaw Valley Road or continue to Truckee. Public parking at 64 Acres and Squaw ValleyPark at Squaw Valley Road. TART



Easy  |  7.4 miles RT

Bike path runs along Hwy. 28 through InclineVillage. Access to shopping and parks. Park at Preston Field on Hwy. 28. TART


West Shore


Moderate  |  22 miles RT

Mostly separate from the highway, the trail includes a few miles of highway shoulder and residential streets. Terrain is varied with a few steep sections. Access to picnicking, beaches and playgrounds. Public parking at 64 Acres. TART




Easy  |  4 miles RT

A 2-mile trail runs beside Squaw Valley Road to the ski area from the Squaw Valley condos to Victoria Road, with views of the meadow and surrounding peaks. Public parking at Squaw ValleyPark or Village at Squaw. TART




Easy  |  3.6 miles RT

1.8-mile stretch from TruckeeRiverRegionalPark to RiverViewSportsPark. Park at either park. TART





Around the Lake

Strenuous  |  72 miles

This challenging route is a scenic trip around Lake Tahoe. A mix of flat spots, rolling hills and some steep climbs. Heavy traffic through South Lake Tahoe. Amazing views.


Barker Pass

Moderate-strenuous  |  10 miles RT

Barker Pass is one of the most beautiful rides in Tahoe, if you don’t mind a little climbing with 5 miles and 1,700 vertical feet. But if you’re up to the task, and your bike has low gears, you will be rewarded with pristine wilderness, spectacular alpine views, snowfields, smooth pavement and almost no traffic. You will pass through lush meadows, aspens, Lodgepole pines and several varieties of fir. In the early season, the streams are rushing and snowfields at the higher elevations keep things cool. Look for mule ears in bloom.

Take Highway 89 south of Tahoe City to Barker Pass Road for about 4.2 miles. Look for the brown sign on the right for Blackwood Canyon/Kaspian, and shortly afterward you will see the Forest Service road.

You will ride about 2.5 miles on fairly flat to slightly uphill terrain, through large stands of timber and some meadows. You will then cross a bridge over Blackwood Creek, and the climbing begins. At first the grade is mellow, about 5 percent.

After another 2 miles it gets steeper, and by about the 4-mile mark it gets up to around 10 percent. You will come to some sharp hairpin turns, and the grade is steeper than 10 percent in places.

The pavement ends at the top of the pass, and becomes a dirt trail for those with mountain bikes. If not, your effort will be rewarded by a sweet downhill run, but watch the bumps near the top of the pavement is uneven.



Moderate-strenuous  |  20-25 miles RT

Great out and back ride at any time of year, with scenery that goes from high desert to meadows and big pines, with views of Boca and Stampede reservoirs. From Interstate 80 Reno, take the Hirschdale Road exit and go left. When you get to the Boca Dam, you will see a small parking area to the left. Start the ride along the lake shore. The road is generally flat, with a few short uphill climbs.

At the north end, descend into a canyon made by the stream, and then to your first hill. After a short climb, you reach a long, flat section with nice views of the stream and surrounding meadows. At the end, you come to a climb about a half-mile long at a mellow grade. You’ll then see Stampede dam to the left and another climb, with a half-mile 6 to 8 percent grade ahead. After another mile or so of rolling terrain, you will get to another short climb, and then the end of pavement.

On the return, you can add some mileage and more climbing if you turn right onto Stampede Dam Road. At the end of the dam, you will hit a good climb, then rollers for the remainder of the paved road. At about 2.5 miles from the main road, you hit dirt and it’s time to head home.


Jackson Meadows

Moderate-strenuous  |  34-36 miles RT

This is one of the prettiest and most remote road rides in the area. It tracks the Little Truckee River on a U.S. Forest Service road that ends at Jackson Reservoir for several miles, and overlooks the Perazzo Meadows. You will see snow-covered peaks in the distance, green meadows, wildflowers and old growth timber. There is almost no traffic if you go during the week.

Start at the parking area where Jackson Meadows Road meets Hwy. 89, 18 miles north of Truckee. From here you will be going through meadows and forest, generally uphill most of the way. Terrain is rolling with no major climbs early on. At about 6 miles, will see the Perazzo Meadows on the left. From here to the 10-mile mark, you will begin a long uphill climb. It is about 7 percent, but it goes on for a while. Just before your speedometer reads 10 miles, you will reach the top of the climb and Henness Pass at 6,700’.

From here, enjoy a downhill most of the way to Jackson Reservoir. At about 17 miles, you will reach Jackson Reservoir, a beautiful mountain lake created by a large earthen and stone dam. Elevation is about 6,000í. You can continue over the dam and around the opposite shore, but pavement ends at about 18 miles. Return using the same route.


Old 40 to Cisco Grove

Moderate-strenuous  |  39 miles RT

This route is one of the easiest to follow, and one of the best. It has it all the views, a good climb, a technical descent, a restaurant en route, Donner Lake and miles of lightly traveled roads. From downtown Truckee head west on Donner Pass Road until it dead-ends in Cisco Grove. Then turn around and head back. Upon leaving the lake, you begin the long and challenging, but scenic, grind up the summit. This climb has a vertical rise of less than 1,000′. From the top of the summit, it is a rolling downhill along the Yuba River all the way to Cisco Grove. The descent down to Donner Lake is a technical one. Watch your speed, and make sure your brakes work. Parking at West End Beach and boat ramp.




Western States Trail

Strenuous  |  11.6 miles RT

This is a challenging and exhilarating ride (sometimes referred to as Three Bridges Trail) that will afford you a fun downhill swoop and beautiful mountain views. You can ride it either way, starting on either side of the Midway Bridge between Alpine Meadows and Olympic Valley off Hwy. 89. Walk your bike past the guardrail on the east side of the highway at the south end of Midway Bridge, and look for the small, wooden sign marking the Western States Trailhead.

The trail begins to climb, then comes to a trail junction where you will turn right. Climb the switchbacks to the T-junction, then turn left onto a fire road where you will stay right, bringing you to The Wall. When you reach the top, pedal through the gate and straight ahead on the fire road, passing all junctions, then go right at the T. Follow the main fire road as it descends, climbs, then descends again; stay left at the intersection, then right past a fire road and a single track.

Follow the main fire road down until it turns into a paved road, turn right onto Bunker Drive and right again on Fairway Drive. Keep going until you reach Hwy. 89 at the bottom of the hill; cross the highway and turn right onto the paved bike path to enjoy a leisurely ride along the Truckee River back to your car.



East Shore

 Flume Trail

Strenuous  |  14 miles

There are several mountain biking trails off the Flume Trail, but if you follow the Flume Trail the whole way you will be rewarded with magnificent views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra. The Flume Trail rises 1,600’ above the East Shore of Lake Tahoe. At the end of the Flume Trail, there is a 3-mile, 1,600’ descent down to Tunnel Creek Station on Hwy. 28. It is a moderately difficult ride at 7,000’ to 8,000’ in elevation with more than 1,000’ of climbing and 4.5-miles of single track. It has several steep sections.

Park at SpoonerLakeState Park off Hwy. 89, 12.7 miles south of InclineVillage. Or, park at Tunnel Creek Station off Hwy. 28 in InclineVillage and ride to SpoonerLakeState Park. A shuttle operates daily from both ends. Info (775) 749-5349. $10-$15 shuttle; entrance fee at SpoonerLake. Call for shuttle schedule.


Mount Rose to Spooner Lake

Strenuous  |  20 miles

The beginning of this beautiful section of the Tahoe Rim Trail is at 8,700’ above the Sheep Flats (aka Tahoe Meadows) on Mount Rose. The first part of the trail parallels the highway and then descends through the meadows and briefly joins the Ophir Creek trail. Look for Rim Trail signs, then after a quarter-mile up and to the right of the Ophir Creek trail (don’t stay on the Ophir Creek Trail). After a 300’ climb out of the meadows, you begin to contour your way to the Tunnel Creek road. At 9 miles, you will come to the Tunnel Creek Road. Follow it a half-mile with the Flume Trail on the right. Continue straight for an 800’ switch-backing climb. Near the top of the climb, consider taking the vista trail to the Sand Harbor overlook.

Once at the top, the trail winds down past the Marlette Peak campground to Hobart Road. The Rim Trail past this point is closed to bikes, so your only path back to Spooner is along this road to the right and down to Marlette Lake. A short, but tough climb leads out of the Marlette basin and then it is downhill back to Spooner Lake. Mind the speed on this descent due to heavy equestrian and hiking use. Park at Spooner Lake State Park and take shuttle to start on Mount Rose. Shuttle runs even days only in the morning. Info (775) 749-5349. $20 shuttle; park entrance fee. Call for shuttle schedule.


North Shore

Martis Peak

Moderate-strenuous  |  10 miles RT

This is a 5-mile climb along a wide fire road that leads to the Martis Peak lookout, with an outhouse and picnic area. Take Hwy. 267 from KingsBeach to Brockway Summit. Park one-half mile past the summit on Forest Service Road 18N02. Follow the road until the trail crests atop a ridge. To reach the lookout, turn left at the crest.

Tahoe Cross Country

Tahoe Cross Country offers marked mountain biking and hiking trails in the Burton Creek State Park area just north of Tahoe City. Trail access is free and the terrain is ideal for beginner and intermediate mountain bikers. Advanced riders can find challenging terrain on the Tahoe Rim Trail and around Mount Watson. (530) 583-5475. TART


West Shore

General Creek Loop

Moderate  |  6.5-15 miles RT

The General Creek Trail at Sugar Pine Point State Park offers a loop trail with an optional side trip to Lily Pond. To continue to Lost Lake is 15-miles round trip. 10 miles south of TahoeCity on Hwy. 89 at south end of General Creek Campground parking lot. Easy to moderate. TART



Northstar California

(530) 562-2268  |  $29 ages 9-12, $46 13+  |  northstarcalifornia.com

Northstar’s Mountain Bike Park boasts more than 100 miles of trails for mountain biking including its signature trail, LiveWire, and the most extensive life-accessed trail network in the Western United States. The park features Skill Development Areas and terrain features including jumps, rails and bridges. Rentals available in the Village at Northstar. Afternoon rates start at 2 p.m., and season passes are available.

Downhill Mountain Bike Race Series and Thursday Night Cross-Country Race Series to open to everyone starting in July. Bike Academy offers classes and private lessons. Closed for the season. TART



Emigrant Trail

Moderate  |  15+ miles

Offers rolling, wide, single-track through high desert, winding through sagebrush, seasonally wet meadows and Jeffrey Pine forests. North of Truckee on Hwy. 89 to Donner Camp picnic area, if too wet, proceed 2.5 miles on Hwy. 89 to ProsserCreekBridge pullout. 15 miles to Stampede, but can continue on to other areas.



Easy-moderate  |  6 miles RT

This loop offers a mellow ride offering views of the Sierra Crest, has nice flowers in the spring and circumnavigates a series of ponds. From Donner Pass Road, take Coldstream Road, which alternates pavement and dirt. After a short climb up the old terminal moraine of the glacier that once filled this valley, the valley opens up. Proceed on this road until you come to private property signs at the last pond, then turn left on the dirt road and return on the east side of the valley. Park outside the white gate on Coldstream.

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(530) 582-7720

The BMX track is at River View Sports Park in Truckee. Practice Tues. 5-6:30 p.m. and Thurs. 5 p.m.-dark. Free. Races Tues. 6:30 p.m.-dark. $10 plus ABA membership.



(530) 582-7720

At River View Sports Park in Truckee, the track features berms, whoops and jumps in various circuits built into the track with a Pump Park, Pump Course and Pump Track, with a small start mound for kids with push or strider bikes.